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Inflatable SUP, cruising paddle board, all-around, fishing, tandem, racing….with so many different types, styles and price ranges of stand up paddle boards for sale, how do you choose which is best for you?

Read our best SUP Board guides and our detailed SUP reviews to find just the right fit for you!

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Use our intensive research and testing to help you decide which paddle board should be your next (or first paddle board purchase). Whether you are looking for something for yoga, fishing, long distance paddling or just having fun with your friends – we’ll make sure you have the information you need to pick the best SUP for you!

Best All Around SUPs

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Research & Shop Popular 10 Foot Paddle Boards

10 Foot inflatable paddles boards are one of the most popular sizes today for an all around, general use paddle board. They are a great length for a balance of speed, stability, flotation and maneuverability.

Freein 10ft iSUP

freein 10' SUP paddle board review


Ancheer SUP inflatable paddleboard review

iRocker Cruiser 10’6″ iSUP

irocker cruiser sup review 10'6"

Read The iRocker 10 Foot Review.

Maxflo 10’6″ iSUP

maxflo 10 foot inflatable paddle board

Maxflo 10 Foot Board Review

Bluefin Cruise 10’8″ iSUP

Bluefin Cruise Paddle Board Review

Bluefin 10 Foot Paddle Board Review

Research & Shop Popular 11 Foot Paddle Boards

While 10 foot and 10 foot 6 inch boards seem to be the most popular all around paddle board sizes out there today – if you are looking for a little more speed and straight line paddling we’d recommend checking out some of these great 11 foot long inflatable paddle boards to consider.

Best Paddle Boards For Small People

If you are a smaller paddler (under 5 Foot 6 inches tall of 150 lbs) it’s important that you find a paddle board that will fit you well. This usually means you should look for a paddle board in the 8-10 foot length range. Here are a few of the best options. Or you can check out our comparison guide for the best SUPs for small paddlers.

DAMA 9’6″ iSUP

DAMA 9 Foot inflatable stand up paddle board with faux wood grain

Dama Paddle Board Review

Aqua Marina 9′ Breeze

aqua marina 9' breeze SUP review

Hydro-Force Aqua Journey 9′

hydroforce aqua journey paddle board review

Pexmore 11 foot all around SUP review

Pexmore’s 11 Foot All Around Paddle Board

We are a big fan of this inflatable 11ft board by Pexmore for a number of reasons. At this length it falls into the category of an all around / cruiser style paddle board – but it tends to paddle a little bit faster because of the additional length and slightly narrower, 30 inch width.

Read our full Pexmore iSUP Review

funwater paddle board review 11 foot length

FunWater’s 11 Foot Cruiser Paddle Board

FunWater makes one of the most affordable all around / cruise paddle boards on the market in the 11 foot length. We like this board because it’s a few inches long than most cruiser SUPs, but they give it a generous 33 inch width for speed and balance.

Read our full FunWater Cruiser iSUP Review

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