Hala Paddle Board Review

Hala SUP Company

Hala Paddle Board focuses on the quality and usability of products. They provide different designs for the paddling sport. Their innovative gear goes beyond the limits of traditional surfing boards. They ensure paddlers can maneuver using more mechanisms, therefore have more fun.

When were they founded?

The company was launched in 2011 by Peter Hall. He is a Steamboat Springs athlete and a school teacher. Since then the company has experienced positive growth and development. Local paddlers and paddlers across the world love their products. Hala GearSpace is their retail and showroom featuring all their products. Aside from selling SUPs, the company provides kayaking and rafting equipment for people who love sports. The level of growth since its foundation is an encouragement to any upcoming CEO, that their idea once put into practice could blossom to unimaginable heights.

Where are they based?

The company is based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado CO at 910 Yampa St, Suite 108. This is where Hala boards, paddles, and accessories are constructed and tested. Steamboat Springs laid a solid foundation for the company to grow and reach its full potential. Their closeness to Yampa River enables testing of their products to ensure the quality and functionality is maintained. They have free access to whitewater, flatwater, and surf holes which aid in providing the best products and gear.

What makes their company different from others?

Hala Paddle Board company gets a pat on its back for innovativeness. They allow and encourage customers to try the board they are eying before purchase. Their retail stores offer Hala SUP demos for walk-in customers. They also allow demos at Hala events and at their location in Steamboat Springs. They have demo and used board sales in October annually. They offer these on a first come first serve routine.

What are they known for?

The company has made its name in the sporting world by producing a line of stand-up paddleboards as well as accessories. Their products are popular among paddlers as they offer stability during use, they can perform more styles when surfacing than ever before, and they get value for their money because the boards are strong and durable. Interested people can even rent a board. Their paddle boards roll up once deflated and will fit in a backpack. They are known for convenience as they design their product to fit the needs of customers. They have the Hala Fame board for example, which is fitted with specifications allowing fishing. It has railbalza cutouts for starport mounts, extra rig points for gear or coolers, and a wide deck of 36′ inches offering a stable surface.

What is their mission?

The Hala Paddle Company wants to bring fun and adventure for those who like water recreation. At the beginning when they were just starting out, the company wanted to create gear for whitewater stand up paddling. Years later they are the leading company in providing innovative designs. They offer high quality SUPs and accompanying accessories using the best inflatable technology.

Describe Their Construction Method

They use glue and welding to create boards. To maintain durability, they use drop stitch material to create paddle boards. The boards meant for rivers have an extra layer of PVC to improve durability. They use inflatable Carbon on paddles. The carbon stringers add a layer of stability to the boards. They make it sturdy for a steady ride when surfing and paddling.

What Is Their Product Warranty?

Hala Board Company is always ready to fix issues about their products. Inflatable boards have three years against defects in workmanship from the time of purchase. The accessories get a one-year warranty. A defective gear is replaced, repaired or a refund is given to the purchaser. For damage caused by neglect or misuse resulting to wear, a small charge is required for repairs. Some boards have a five-year warranty.

What kind of products do they create?

The company creates paddles, boards, and accessories. They design and test them severally before selling. They focus on proper designs which are durable as well. The surf boards by Hala can hold 230lbs and above. 6′ thick boards hold up to 350lbs. Accessories include a Master Shark pump, ankle leash, different fins, grub screws, rolling backpack, and so much more.

Two of Hala’s products

Hala Straight Up Kit

The dimensions for the board is 10′ tall by 33’wide by 6’thick. It is suitable for water surfing over long distances. The recreation board is high quality with bomber construction, it is inflatable, and affordable. It has a levered and adjustable carbon paddle making it a simple to use when paddling. It comes with a repair kit, hand pump, a rolling backpack, and fins. It is designed with extra width at the nose, this offers more stability. You can maneuver using different paddling styles with confidence for it offers safety and stability. Among its reliable features are a nose and tail handle which enhances portability, 10 soft and central rigging points, a soft padded middle and a step flat handle, 8′ center flex fin, and 1.5′ raised stomp pad. The Hala straight up kit goes for $999. The big, comfortable, and study paddle comes with a five-year warranty. You can bring your dog on board!

Hala Atcha 711

Hala prides itself on constructing strong and durable glued and welded boards. The dimensions of the board is 7’11’ tall by 34′ wide by 6′ thick. It is convenient for going out on the river to surf. The length of the board improves the surfing speed. It heightens precision and smoothness as well. Its shape makes it fun and safe to maneuver steep ledges in different ways. You can finally swim down the river if you have been avoiding to do it. It makes surfing on the river a whole new and improved experience. They are high performance. Multiple prototype testing have ensured you will not encounter setbacks while surfing in the name of snags by a rock to the bottom of the board or feeling imbalanced. The board is shaped for stability and mobility. You can spin, split, and swerve easily. It goes for $1,299. It has carry handles and a padded step center.