Best 10 Foot Inflatable Paddle Boards Under $500

We’ve compiled a list with details and comparisons of the best inflatable paddle boards under $500 to help you make the best choice when shopping for your next inflatable SUP.

Luckily there are tons of iSUPs to choose from in this popular size range and at this great and cheap paddle board price range. And we mean “cheap” as in the value you get for your money (not quality)!

Best Inflatable SUPs Under $500

FunWater 10’6″x33″ Paddle Board

At around $400 this Tiki FunWater board is a great cruiser SUP for your first paddle board if you are looking for everyday use, easy storage and a fantastic price.

It comes with everything you need to get started and is great for paddling on lakes, rivers, or calm oceans.

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Overall Customer Rating: ★★★★★ 4.5 Of 5.0 Rating On 650+ Reviews

Aksport 10’6″x32″ Inflatable Paddle Board

The Aksport inflatable cruiser iSUP is really at the top of our list of great choices if you are looking for a paddle board in the 10 foot long range. With a 32 inch width it’s got good stability while still being a fast and streamlined paddler.

I’ve had mine since early spring and used it about 20 times and lent it to many friends. I LOVE this board and so has everyone else. It’s been used across Colorado, and even in Glacier National Park.

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Overall Customer Rating: ★★★★☆ 4.3 Of 5.0 Rating On 120+ Reviews

Acoway 10’6″ iSUP

The Acoway 10 foot 6 inch board makes our list of great paddle boards for under $500 for a number of reasons. It offers everything you need to get paddle boarding on your first day at an incredibly affordable price.

If you are looking for a cruiser sup that offers a little more stability this is a great option to look at because of it’s rounded tip and stern. Additionally, another great feature of this paddle board is the elongated deck padding which gives you more space to paddle, bring a friend or a dog!

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Overall Customer Rating: ★★★★★ 4.4 Of 5.0 Rating

iRocker Cruiser SUP

At 10 feet and 6 inches long the iROCKer fits smack in the middle of the cruiser sup category, but with a width of 33 inches it makes it one of the wider boards out there. Their width and thickness makes this an incredibly stable board for beginners or gives lots of carrying space for any paddler.

iRocker produces a great quality board with thousands and thousands sold!

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Overall Customer Rating: ★★★★☆ 4.8 Of 5.0 Rating On 220+ Reviews

Serenelife Free-Flow 10’5″ Paddle Board

This board is a great option for beginner to intermediate paddle boarders who weight up to 250 lbs and would like to get a complete paddle board package for well under the $500 price point.

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Overall Customer Rating: ★★★★☆ 4.7 Of 5.0 Rating On 5,400+ Reviews

Feath-R-Lite 10′ Paddle Board

This is a very lightweight board and is a great, bargain basement price for someone looking for a cheap, all around paddle board.

Make sure to note it’s 30″ width that makes it a good option for smaller paddlers or those with good balance!

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Overall Customer Rating: ★★★★☆ 4.6 Of 5.0 Rating On 740+ Reviews

Freein Explorer Inflatable SUP

The Explorer is designed for adventure. It can handle calm sunny days or stormy weather easily. Use it for recreation, yoga, fishing, or take your dog.

The Freein comes in 2 different lengths (11′ or 10’2″) to fit any size paddler. Plus its 33″ width makes it a very stable platform for any level of experience. Our favorite feature is the built-in GoPro mount on the front of the board!

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Overall Customer Rating: ★★★★★ 4.9 Of 5.0 Rating On 600+ Reviews

How To Choose The Right SUP?

Why 10 Foot Paddle Boards Are Great!

Paddles boards in the 10 foot to 11 foot length range are one of those “best of the all around” kind of boards.

  • Carrying Capacity: At that length you get a good amount of carrying capacity usually in the 200 pounds to 300 pounds. For most paddlers this is enough for yourself and some gear or a pet.
  • Good Paddling Dynamics: Boards in this length are honestly very fun to paddle. They will travel in a straight line when you want, but also can easily turn and maneuver when you want. When boards get shorter than this they tend to be hard to paddle straight and when they get longer they get harder to turn.
  • Reasonable Weight: Boards in this category usually weight about 17 to 25 lbs which is a totally reasonable weight for most paddlers to handle on their own for carrying, setting up, storing and paddling.
  • Easy Storage: This boards (because they are inflatable) all pack down into an easy to carry backpack that can easily fit in the trunk of your car, your closet or up on a shelf.
  • Good Price Range:
  • Great Selection: This is one of the most popular paddle board size categories so there are HUNDREDS of options for you to choose from to find exactly the paddle board you want, in your price range, and hopefully even a color you like.

To learn more about paddle board sizing, check out our paddle board size guide.

How Much Does A 10 Foot Paddle Board Weigh?

Most inflatable PVC paddle boards in the 10 foot to 11 foot range will weigh between about 15 and 30 pounds. Overall this is a very manageable weight for most people to carry and paddle on their own.

If you are a smaller paddler we may recommend focusing on some of the lighter boards so that they are easier to pack, carry and handle all on your own.

Why do some of these SUPs weigh more than others even if they are the same size?

Usually the primary reason for a weight difference of more than 4-5 lbs for paddle boards that are the same size is because of the board construction. Most inflatable boards are made up of a sandwich of PVC plastic layers. Lighter weight boards will often be a 2 layer construction while the boards in the 22-30 pound range are likely to be a 3 layer construction.

The additional layer adds more weight, but will increase overall durability and how stiff the board is. However, today’s construction techniques still make the 2 layer boards extremely stiff and durable.

Paddle BoardBoard WeightSee DetailsShop
iRocker Cruiser 10’6″ x 33″26 lbs10’6″ iRocker Cruiser DetailsShop This Board >
AKSPORT 10’6″ × 32″17 lbs10’6″ Aksport iSUP DetailsShop This Board >
Acoway 10’6″ x 32″ 22 lbs10’6″ Acoway iSUP DetailsShop This Board >
FunWater Tiki 10’6″ x 33″ 17.6 lbs10’6″ Tiki By FunWater DetailsShop This Board >
SereneLife Free-Flow 10’5″ x 30″19.6 lbs10’5″ Free-Flow Sup By SerenelifeShop This Board >
Freein Explorer 11′ or 10’2″23.5 lbsFreein ExplorerShop This Board >
Comparison of Top Paddle Boards Under $500

Weight Limit For A 10 Foot Paddle Board

Just because the length of a paddle board is a key factor in how much buoyancy it creates means that most inflatable paddle boards in the 10 foot to 10.5 foot range are going to have a similar weight capacity. Most manufacturers report a weight limit from 300 to 400 pounds for boards in the 10-11 foot range.

What explains the difference in their load limits?

First it’s important to remember that these should all be taken while knowing that there is some manufacturer rounding happening and some manufacturers like to estimate towards the high end and some towards the low end.

But there are a few legitimate factors that will increase or decrease the load limit of your inflatable board.

  • Width: On average, a wider board will give you a higher load limit.
  • Paddle Board Thickness: A 6″ tall board will have more flotation over all than a 5″ board because it has more total volume inside. But if you are loading your board down to a point where you had that much under water – you probably need a bigger board in general.
  • Board Shape: A board with a more slender shape (more pointed at the bow or stern) compared to a bit boxier shape (more rounded or square corners) will have less flotation overall.

Manufacturer Reported Weight Limits For 10 Foot Cruiser Inflatable Paddle Boards

Paddle BoardWeight LimitSee DetailsShop
iRocker Cruiser 10’6″ x 33″400 lbs10’6″ iRocker Cruiser ReviewShop This Board >
AKSPORT 10’6″ × 32″300 lbs10’6″ Aksport iSUP ReviewShop This Board >
Acoway 10’6″ x 32″400 lbs10’6″ Acoway iSUP ReviewShop This Board >
FunWater Tiki 10’6″ x 33″300 lbs10’6″ Tiki By FunWater ReviewShop This Board >
SereneLife Free-Flow 10’5″ x 30″10’5″ Free-Flow Sup By SerenelifeShop This Board >
Freein Explorer 11′ x 33″305 lbsShop This Board >

How To Choose The Right Cruiser SUP For Me?

The Right Length

If you are reading this post you are probably already seriously considering a 10 – 11 foot long paddle board. And anything in this length category is probably a good choice for a beginner paddler or even a more intermediate to advanced paddler who is looking for great all around use.

The Right Width

The right width for your board will have a little more impact on your choice. In general a wider paddle board is going to give you a few things: More stability, more weight capacity and a little more maneuverability.

A narrow board will be a little bit tippier, a little less carrying weight and will travel a little faster and straighter. Your average cruiser board width is going to range from about 29 inches wide to 35 inches on the widest options. A 32 inch or 33 inch wide board is going to be a great choice that balances all fo these factors.

The Right Price

Can I Take My Dog On A 10 Foot Paddle Board?

The short answer is most likely YES! It’s really all about the total weight of you, your dog and your gear combined. If all of those things fit comfortably with your boards weight capacity your inflatable board can handle your furry friend when taking a paddle.

The other factor to consider is durability of your board and your dogs nails. If you think you are going to paddle with your dog frequently, we’d recommend looking for a board that has more coverage of the deck pad so you both have more room and more protection for the inflated PVC portion of your board.