SereneLife Free-Flow Paddle Board Review

Written By The Review Team – Last Updated April 29, 2021. 10 Minute Read.

SereneLife Paddle Board Review

serenelife free flow paddle board review
SereneLife Paddle Board Review Summary

If you want to know all the details about the SereneLife Free-Flow Inflatable Standup Paddle Board, then you’ve come to the right place. In order to feel comfortable out on the water you are going to need a reliable board with all the specs and accessories to keep your mind at ease, and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know in order to make a smart and informed decision.

We’ll let you know what to look out for, pros and cons, and highlight all of the things that could make the SereneLife iSUP your dream board.

Review Summary For the SereneLife iSUP

Overall, the SereneLife Free-Flow Inflatable Standup Paddle Board is a pretty good investment for anyone who may just be getting into paddle boarding, or anyone who is looking for an easier carry and storage option.

This might not be the best board for someone who is looking for features that cater to a specific kind of paddle board activity, but it can certainly still get the job done while providing a high quality and enjoyable experience.

Should I Buy The SereneLife Paddle Board?

The short answer to should you buy the SereneLife Slow-Flow SUP is YES. This is a great all around / cruiser paddle board for beginner – intermediate paddlers weighing between 100 LBS – 250 LBS.

SereneLife Free-Flow Dimensions Snapshot

  • Length: 10’6″
  • Width: 30″
  • Height: 6″
  • Weight: 19.6 LBS
  • Weight Limit: 275 LBS

Key Considerations When Choosing an SUP

Some of the top things to keep in mind when researching an SUP for purchase are:

  • Is it inflatable or solid? (This board is inflatable)
  • How much does it weigh? (the SereneLife weighs about 20 lbs)
  • What extra activities is it best suited for? (all around / cruising, yoga, fishing & fun)
  • What accessories does it come with? (everything you need to take it out of the package & paddle)
  • How much does it cost? (The SereneLife costs about $300 – get the exact price here)

Or for more details read our full SUP size shopping guide

Figuring out what it is that you need and want from a stand up paddle board is important to do before you pick one, or even start looking around for one. The different features, quality, and uses of paddle boards on the market can vary widely, so you can quicken and refine your search by making yourself a list of what you need and want beforehand.

What Does the SereneLife Free-Flow iSUP have to Offer?

The SereneLife iSUP is an ultra-lightweight inflatable paddle board that is ideal for those who are looking to hit the waters and take their time. This iSUP comes with a non-slip grip surface and three bottom panel fins to give easy steering and maneuvering ability. A carrying handle is located in the center of the board so you can haul your light weight 19.6 pound paddle board with ease, and also includes tie down bungees at the top of the board so you can clip, strap, or tie down any extra items you need for your one-man cruise.

What Does The SereneLife Free-Flow Package Include?

The 10’ board includes a coiled leash with an ankle strap, an aluminum paddle, an air pump, and a storage bag to keep your paddle board and all of its accessories together in one place.

An ankle leash is a valuable addition because you never want to end up losing track of your board in case of any slip-ups or accidents, and the air pump is an absolute must have so that you can get your board up and ready for use in a moment’s notice.

The Free-Flow is also available in four different colors, so whether it’s blue, orange, pink, or aqua that fits your unique persona you can find it with SereneLife’s iSUP.

SereneLife Free-Flow SUP PROS

  • Beginner friendly features
  • Universal build and features
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Great price value
  • Comes with everything you need to paddle today

SereneLife Free-Flow SUP CONS

  • May not be ideal for more advanced users looking for specific features
  • Inflating can be slightly time consuming
  • The material could be more at risk of damage than a hard board

Things to Consider about the SereneLife iSUP When Purchasing

On their website, SereneLife states that they are a company that is dedicated to enriching people’s lives by supplying innovative products that give the excitement or serenity that their customers may be searching for. In particular, there are many features that make this stand up paddle board ideal for beginners and youth.

The non-slip surface can give a lot of confidence to those who may be afraid of slipping and falling, but even those who do slip and fall will find that landing on an inflatable paddle board is much more cushioned and painless than falling onto a traditional hard surfaced paddle board.

The wide 30” deck allows the user to have a wider stance for increased balance and stabilization, plus the added control that the triple fin configuration adds makes controlling the board a breeze for those who may be a bit nervous to take that first step onto the water.

What Activities Is It Good For?

The various feature of this iSUP also make it great for various kinds of activities like yoga, fishing, or even catching a quick afternoon snooze. You’ll never have to worry about any damages since this paddle board is made with a high quality PVC ad drop-stitch material.

In the rare case that you have an issue with your board, you can use the included repair kit to get the problem taken care of swiftly and easily. The repair kit includes emergency patches and a valve wrench so you can be prepared for any unforeseen problems.

Use It For

  • Paddle board cruising
  • Yoga
  • Fishing
  • Relaxing & fun on the lake

Details Of the Free-Flow & Thunder Wave Boards

serenelife free flow paddle board reviewfree flow thunderwave paddle board by serenlife
 Free-FlowThunder Wave
Weight19.6 LBS19 LBS
Weight Limit275 LBS275 LBS
Inflate Time5 Minutes5 Minutes
ConstructionDouble OVC MaterialDouble OVC Material
Check The Price >Check The Price >

What Do People Say About the SereneLife Inflatable Board?

It’s always a good idea to get opinions from those who have already experienced a product, so let’s discuss some upsides and issues that users have experienced. One issue that was pointed out by users was actually the lightweight of the board.

Despite the extra stability that the fins add, the fact that the board is so light can add to the difficulty of maneuvering the board in windy conditions.

Unlike a heavier and denser hard board, a light inflatable board can be more easily affected by wind which could make controlling the board a bit more difficult and potentially frightening for beginners. Wind also becomes an issue while transporting the inflated board while it is out of the water.

It can quickly be high jacked by Mother Nature if you aren’t holding on to it very tightly. Another difficulty users faced with the board was the time and effort it took to inflate. It appears that the average inflate time is about 15 minutes, and that is a bit more time consuming and energy consuming than some people would be willing to deal with.

On the bright side, many users agree that the advertised durability and strength of the board is true. Users at the very top of the size limit for using the board made it clear that their sized posed no issues when using the board.

Others also boasted that the board suffered no rips, damages, or scuffs when accidentally grazing or making contact with other objects.

Real Customer Reviews & Ratings Comparison & Summary

Overall Customer Rating: ★★★★★ 4.7 Of 5.0 Rating with 7,200+ Reviews

Here at iSUP Reviews, we do the research for you and tell you what real customers are actually saying about the SereneLife Free-Flow SUP by reviewing and analyzing thousands of reviews from reputable sources.

Summary of 5 Star Reviews

About 80% of the consumer reviews we analyzed gave this paddle board a 5 star review.

The 5 star reviews of the SereneLife SUP are about what you would expect, but we still think it’s important to go through them.

  • Good Quality
  • Very Stable
  • Easy to paddle
  • Fits a dog or additional person
  • Easy to store / fit in trunk
  • Great value

Summary of 4 Star Reviews

Summary of 3 Star Reviews

About 2% of the total reviews were 3 star reviews. 3 Star reviews are often interesting because of the balance they offer. Majority of the 3 star reviews were because the customer generally liked the Serenelife board but had some issue with it BUT it was corrected by customer service. These issues often included things like a broken pump gauge or bubble in the board laminate.

On the other side of that, some of the 3 star reviews were because people really liked the products but had some minor issue and struggled to get it corrected with customer service. Again, these issues were a minority of the situations – so we don’t see customer service as a chronic problem to be concerned about.

Summary of 2 Star Reviews

About 1.5% of the reviews we analyzed for this SUP were 2 star ratings. This is within a normal range and not something we would say you should worrying about if you trying to decide whether to buy the SereneLike SUP. The complaints were similar to the 1 start reviews and included comments about the sinking paddle, losing the fin because it fell off and difficulty managing the stability of this 30″ wide board. For additional details, we’d recommend reading the review of the 1 star ratings below.

Summary of 1 Star Reviews

About 2% of the total reviews we analyzed were 1 Star reviews for this product – which is about average for other paddle boards and these bad reviews primarily fell into 4 categories:

  • The paddle sinks. If it sits in the water for a few minutes – the tube fills and it sinks under the water.
  • Occasional Manufacturing defects. There were most frequently a warped board, broken pump or broken inflate valve that resulted in difficulty paddling or inability to paddle. Professional Note: it’s unfortunate but some amount manufacturing defects are inevitable. We did NOT find the type or number of manufacturing defects to be outside of the normal range for popular product.
  • Lower Board Stability: Some customers (both self described paddle board novices and experience SUP paddlers mentioned finding the board a bit tippy and difficult to stay stable and upright on. While we do not see enough of these reviews to discourage you from buying it, we do note that at 30 inches wide, this paddle board is a little narrowing than many other Cruiser / All Around style paddle boards. Professional Note: If you are concerned about stability or want a little extra, we would recommend looking for a board of similar length but with a width of 32″ to 34″.