ROC Paddle Board Review

ROC Paddle Board Company Brand Info

The ROC SUP company is a family-owned company based in the USA. They have dedicated their company to producing quality products that allow friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors in a healthy and environmentally-friendly fashion.

The ROC Paddle Board Reputation

ROC company is best known for the roc paddle board. The roc sup review supports that this is a great board for its all-around design. ROC features a paddleboard that provides excellent stability for use in flat water and small waves. The roc SUP has designed this board to be suitable for various skill levels.

Each roc SUP is well designed and comes with the features that are most desired by SUP enthusiasts. The roc paddleboard can be set apart from lesser quality iSUPs simply by its attractive and intelligent design. The quality materials and strong outer shell bode of this board’s quality and performance.

About ROC’s Ideaology

ROC Co.’s mission is to create products that are built to last and can stand up to the rigors of your lifestyle. They provide a board for every level of paddleboard enthusiast that is built with quality materials and using the latest technology creating outstanding products for the ultimate in SUP enjoyment.

In addition to producing quality products, ROC understands the importance of our environment. They go above and beyond in reducing their carbon footprint by:

• Utilizing recycled materials in their products
• Maintaining a green facility
• Using sustainable production
• Shipping with tree-friendly packaging

This company understands that our world is important to future generations. They choose to implement sustainable business practices to protect the environment, raise social awareness of environmental issues, and do their part to preserve our planet.

High Quality Materials

When purchasing a ROC iSUP, you can be confident your roc paddle board is built to last. The roc sup review has many comments that confirm how happy ROC customers are with their products. This is due to the company using military-grade PVC materials that are durable and just about indestructible for inflatable products.

In addition to quality materials, the construction consists of drop stitch technology that seals the parts together, making them resistant to wear and tear. While being built rigid and tough, these boards are still lightweight and travel-friendly.

Diversity of Products

Not only does ROC produce an affordable, quality-made SUP, but they also carry a line of women’s and men’s paddleboard tops, bottoms, a trucker hat, flip flops, and a sling pack to carry your essentials on your next adventure.

Popular ROC Paddle Boards


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This versatile and all-around design is the ultimate board for flat water and small waves. This well-designed paddleboard makes it the perfect choice for all skill levels. It is available in pink, black, and blue. Features include:

• Excellent stability, good for all skill levels
• Large anti-slip deck pad
• Carries up to 350 pounds
• Large removeable center fin
• Twin outer fins
• Stainless steel D-rings
• Inflates to 15 PSI – making it rigid as a non-inflatable board
• Total weight: 17.5 pounds
• Rolled size: 32” x approximately 10” in diameter

For those who plan on traveling with their SUP, this is a board you can take anywhere. This 10’ tall, 32” wide by 6” thick board comes with a premium inflation kit, and a lightweight collapsible aluminum paddle that makes it convenient for travel. Plan on easy transportation of this board as it pops into your truck or backseat with ease. It comes with:

• A hand pump for easy inflation anywhere
• Detachable fin for easy storage, stability, and safety
• Comfortable safety leash
• Accessory bag that is waterproof and can store phone, keys, wallet, and other valuables
• Comfortable and rugged backpack to tote your board and all your accessories

Other ROC Products

Women’s Wear

Stay fashionable and properly dressed with a complete line of women’s SUP tops and bottoms. Whether you are in the water or dressing for travel to your next paddling adventure, you will love this line of durable, well-made women’s’ wear.

Tops are designed with the Roc logo and lettering. Styles include:

– A zip-up hooded sweatshirt in Asphalt grey
– White pullover hooded sweatshirt
– Black pullover hooded sweatshirt
– Racerback tank top in a variety of colors
– ¾ sleeve softball tee in several color combos and shades

The ROC bottoms are completely classy and functional whether on your board or walking around after a good paddle.

– Performance yoga capri pants in white with black logo and lettering
– Performance shorts in snow white with black yoga and lettering
– Happy place comfy sweat pants in black, grey, and navy

Men’s Wear

ROC menswear is just as comfy and fashionable as the ladies’ wear. Each of the men’s tops is smart looking and durable for paddling and playing hard. Men’s tops come in the following styles:

– Black plush pullover hoodie sweatshirt
– Snow white hooded pullover sweatshirt
– Asphalt grey zip-up hooded sweatshirt
– Executive polos in jet back and paperwhite
– Grand slam ¾ sleeve softball tee shirt in several color combos and shades
– Gladiator tank top in a variety of colors

Comfortable and fashion are woven into the Roc’s latest in paddleboard bottoms. Whether taking a paddle or relaxing on the shore, these bottoms cover it all.

– Zebra watersport shorts in coffee, ink, and royalty
– Totally pitted shorts featuring ROC logo and text come in blue steel, sharkfin and nuclear
– Don’t sweat it pants with ROC logo and text in black, grey, and navy

Rest easy with your decision to go with products from ROC. This American and environmentally contentious company will help you find your flow with their inflatable watersport equipment. Their products are made using the latest technology and with the best possible materials to provide dependable, durable, rugged, products at a great value.