Acoway iSUP Review Summary

Wondering for the quick answer to: Should I buy the Acoway Paddle board?

Short answer? YES.

Here at iSUPReviews, after reviewing customer reviews and analytics the board details and constructions our selves we think this is a GREAT paddle board for the price.

Whether you are looking for your first paddle board or an upgrade from another board – this is a great all around paddle board option for many uses.

Acoway Full 10’6″ SUP Product Details

If you are in the market for a great, value conscious all around inflatable paddle board – the Acoway is likely to be a great fit for you.

At 10 feet and 6 inches long it’s a great cruiser board that is long enough to offer good flotation and cut a nice straight line through the water when paddling without getting so long it becomes difficult to handle or store.

It’s width is 32 / 33″ inches wide (their product details seem to have some discrepancy on this) but the board itself has 32 inches stamped on the side. Regardless, a 32 inch wide paddle board is very standard for this length and will give you great stability without becoming unwieldy.

The board also comes with a convenient nylon cord tie down straps on the front for storing items while paddling. You can tuck a jacket here or a drybag with a few items.

Additionally, the board has a comfortable grip pad that covers about 3 quarters of the deck from the tie downs all the way back to the inflation valve.

Who Is This Board Good For?

This is a great all around board and will be excellent for beginner adults, children or even intermediate experience adults. It’s a fantastic first inflatable board or also a great upgrade if your first board was significantly smaller or perhaps a lower quality board.

Acoway iSUP Uses

This board features the dimensions of a great, all around paddle board. Acoway specifically lists this board for uses of paddle board touring, fishing or yoga.

  • Paddle board touring
  • Fishing
  • Yoga (if you are specifically looking for a yoga board, check out our list of the best paddle boards for yoga)

What Comes With the Acoway Paddle Board?

So you like the dimensions of the Acoway 10’6″ board and are pretty close to purchasing – but need to know exactly what you get. Will you need to buy anything else? As long as you don’t need a bathing suit, this iSUP kit from Acoway has everything you need to hit the water and get paddling today.

  • Paddle Board: The paddle board itself is made of high-quality PVC with a sandwiched mesh composite inside for added durability and shaping. The deck has a non slip EVA pad for increased traction and comfort under your feet on long paddles.
  • Aluminum Paddle: This adjustable length aluminum paddle comes in 3 sections for quick and easy setup or storage. The adjustable length makes it great for a paddler of any height or for use when standing up or paddling kneeling down.
  • Carry Backpack: Heavy duty nylon backpack to store everything included and easily carry it to your paddle destination.
  • Ankle sleeve safety leash: Pretty self explanatory but helps make sure you don’t get separated from your board if you fall off. These make a ton of sense if you are on a river with moving water or in waves that could push your board away from you.
  • Fins: This is a detachable bottom fin to enhances overall paddling stability, improve SUP speed, steering and handling of this board.
  • Repair Kit: Just in case your board gets a hole or scuff they include a repair kit. Hopefully you don’t need it, but there just in case.
  • Waterproof Phone Stow Bag: This is a small but nice touch to make sure your phone stays functional and doesn’t get lost.
  • Bi-directional Hand Air Pump: The 2 way pump will inflate your board more quickly than a single direction. In one setting it inflates on both the push down and the pull up. When you begin to increase the pressure inside the board you can switch to a single direction for higher pressure. This pump includes a gauge so you can be sure to get your board to the right SUP pressure.
features of the acoway inflatable stand up paddle board

Acoway 10 Foot 6 Inch Inflatable SUP Pros & Cons

Acoway Paddle Board Pros

This Acoway 10’6″ board get’s great reviews from most customers and on our review looks like a great paddle board.

  • This board gets great ratings for being built of high quality, durable material. It gets good compliments about being much better quality than paddle boards in the $250 dollar price range that are much thinner, bendier and tend to warp after use.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Easy to deflate and store this paddle board.
  • Very stable and easy to balance
  • Fits 2 people or a person and a dog comfortably

Acoway Paddle Board Cons

Overall after reviewing multiple customer reviews and analyzing the product details, this board has very minimal negative comments that seem related to the overall board design, manufacturing or style. The few negative reviews about this Acoway SUP seem to be fairly standard one off issues that occasionally happen during use or manufacturing.

  • Some people mention that the paddle is an older style.
  • One person mentioned that it takes about 10 minutes to inflate as a downside to this board.
  • One person mentioned getting a leak in their board – but this does not seem to be a widespread manufacturing issue.

Consumer Ratings By Feature

Overall Customer Rating: ★★★★★ 4.4 Of 5.0 Rating

  • Stability: ★★★★★ 5.0 Rating
  • Portability: ★★★★★ 5.0 Rating
  • Easy To Inflate: ★★★★☆ 4.2 Rating

Acoway Price: Here’s How To Get Yours Cheap

The Acoway is a fantastic value inflatable paddle board in the $400 – $500 price range. Yes, you can find some boards out there for cheaper – but beware you are starting to get into some of the lower quality (although not all) paddle board range. How can you get the Acoway SUP for the best price? We’ve found that Amazon has them at incredibly cheap prices.

Quick Product Specs & Dimensions

Paddle BoardLengthWidthHeightWeightCapacity
Acoway SUP10’6″32 inches6 inches22 lbs400 lbs

Review Conclusion: Really Happy With the Acoway 10’6″ Paddle Board