MURTISOL Paddle Board Review

Board Length Width Height Weight Capacity Price Murtisol 10.5 10’6″ 33″ 6″ 280 LBS $309.99 Murtisol 11 11′ 32″ 6″ 27 LBS 350 LBS $219.99 MURTISOL 10.5 Foot Paddle Board General description The MURTISOL inflatable paddle board is a board that is designed to travel. Everything that is needed for the iSUP (inflatable stand up … Read more

Fit Wave Paddle Board Review 2022

FIT WAVE Paddle board review

The main focus of this board is on having a very affordable paddle board that is also adurable product that can last for many years. This is achieved by using high-quality materials and putting extra effort into the design. There are also a variety of water-resistant fabrics used to prevent leaking and tear, no matter … Read more

Awesafe Paddle Board Review [2022 Expert Comparison]

Awesafe Paddle Board Review

General Description The Awesafe inflatable paddle board is a very impressive product in its own right. The accessories included with the board compliment its design while greatly enhancing functionality. These accessories include a backpack, waterproof accessories bag, detachable fin, paddle, double-action pump, valve tightening wrench, and safety leash. It’s not just the features, design, and … Read more

Smooth Paddle Board Review [2022 Expert Opinion]

Solid, Value Based SUP Similar Paddle Boards Freein Explorer & All-Around SereneLife Thunder Wave Overview Many people enjoy Stand-Up Paddle Boarding as a pastime, and it is a growing popular sport. Enthusiasts can enjoy a day on the water, be it a lake or the calm ocean, when the weather is nice, along with trying … Read more

Glide Retro 10’6″ Paddle Board Review (Why I Own It)

#1 Editors SUP Rating Going into this review of the Glide inflatable Retro SUP, I had some high hopes and high expectations for this paddleboard and it surpassed them! The Retro is absolutely one of the best boards I have paddled all year. The construction and quality are very impressive, it’s a dream to paddle … Read more

Kingdely Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Kingdely paddle board SUP review

Kingdely Inflatable Lightweight Paddleboard Review Summary The inflatable paddle board is the newest craze in stand-up paddling. Manufactured by Kingdely, this inflatable paddle board is compact and lightweight for easy carrying and storage. The inflatable paddle board comes with a portable backpack that doubles as a pump to inflate your stand up paddleboard at any … Read more

RCKAKS SUP Paddle Board Review

RCKAKS inflatable paddle board review

RCKAKS SUP boards are inflatable stand up paddle boards. A stand up paddle board is a board you bring out on the water, you can sit, kneel or stand but people usually stand. You control the board with a single paddle. It’s fantastic exercise and loads of fun. This board includes the needed accessories at … Read more

Glide O2 LOCHSA Paddle Board Review

glide 02 lochsa paddle board SUP review

Glide O2 LOCHSA Review Summary The Glide 02 Lochsa Inflatable Whitewater paddleboard is an all-purpose iSUP built to withstand rough waters while offering a surfer optimum comfort while onboard. This inflatable version has been assembled by combining more than four decades of paddling experience, with every aspect of professionalism showing up on every aspect of … Read more