Glide 02 Quest Paddle Board Review

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Q2 Quest Inflatable Touring Paddle Board Review

It can be hard finding a paddleboard that will fit your needs and is portable enough to go where you want. But in response to that, today, we will be looking a the Q2 Quest Inflatable Touring Paddle Board. This board has multiple features that make it great whether you are just looking for a leisurely paddle on the water or something more thrilling.

The Q2 Quest Inflatable Touring Paddle Board or isup is an inflatable paddle board designed to work for just about everyone who wants to go out on the waves. Whether you are looking for a convenient way to talk a paddle session on a lake or you are going out to the ocean. The design is sturdy and flexible to accommodate either. With this design comes the ability to support a variety of people with a weight limit of four hundred pounds.

The full specs for the board are impressive for something that is inflatable. In addition to the four hundred pound weight limit, which will let it carry a variety of different users, it is only twenty-three pounds. The Q2 Board has a length of twelve feet and six inches which makes it more than long enough to have a person lay on it if they need to. When fully inflated board also has a thickness of six inches and a width of thirty inches. Plus a volume of three hundred and twenty litters.

So the full specs for the inflatable paddle board or isup are:

Length: 12’6

Width: 30”

thickness: 6″

Weight Capacity: 400lbs

Weight of the Board: 23lbs

Max inflation pressure: 320L

This stand up paddle board has been designed with a number of features in addition to its basic specs that make it a great board. One of these features is the fusion technology that was used in the design of the Q2. It is blended PVC that is said to be the equivalent of military-grade PVC. The advantage of this is how the board is made lighter but far more durable than if it were made with standard PVC.

This PVC has been used all over the board to add to the durability and rigidity of the board. The fusion PVC is also applied in combination with the high heat seal to make a high-pressure waterproof seal.

There is also a feature in the board that is an anchor point. This allows you to be towed along by another board, or you can do the towing. They also form a handy anchor point for when you need to secure your paddleboard to a dock or other hardpoint.

The deck of the board is dyed so that you won’t have to worry about the color or designs running as you actively use the board. Even better, the front end of the board has a set of tightened bunnies that can be used as cargo space. Great if you have some extra baggage that you would like to bring along. This is good for storing the repair kit and the air pump that comes with the board.

This stand up paddle board also has a useful fin hook instead of a standard fin. Why this is useful is that it allows you to change the fin that you are using for whatever situation. If you are in shallow water, then you are going to want a shorter fin to avoid scraping on the ground. On the other hand, if you want to go paddleboarding in the ocean, then you are going to want a longer fin for control.

With the fin hook that is attached to the bottom of the Q2, you can change these out as you see fit to get the best results.

In addition to the board itself, there are a few different items that come along with your purchase. One of them is the air pump that you can use to blow up and inflate your board. Considering that many inflatable items don’t come with a pump, it is good to have this included.

The second item is one that I think would be very useful, a repair kit for the paddleboard. The kit lets fix any holes or seam pop that might happen in the course of using the board. It is just a handy item to have around in general so that you can have a nice time without worrying.

In general, the Q2 Quest Inflatable Touring Paddle Board has had a very positive reception from people that have bought it. The board currently sits at a five-star rating on the site, with a decent amount of reviews to back it up. The general public has had quite a few different comments on the board, so next, we will be looking at what they think.

First, I think that we will start with the negative reviews first so that you can know any downsides to the board. In my research, I only found a few negative reviews and only three that were relevant to someone that would buy the board.

The most negative thing that I have found about the board is the stability when it is on water. One of the commenters said that a family member of his had no trouble on the board, but he did. The other problem is not really with the board, but the pump as a user found it rather underpowered. This isn’t surprising as it is a simple hand pump, but it is worth noting. By far and away, the worst review had to do with the restocking fee and the fact that the board is only covered by this for thirty days.

The positive reviews for this board were just overwhelming when compared to any others. The highlights of all these, though, were two that really highlighted why people love this board. The first was a review where a man and his son raced different brands of boards, and the Q2, after the race, he posted the review.

The second is where a customer loved how well the board glided. They said that the glide effect made this an excellent touring board.

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