RCKAKS SUP Paddle Board Review

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RCKAKS SUP boards are inflatable stand up paddle boards. A stand up paddle board is a board you bring out on the water, you can sit, kneel or stand but people usually stand. You control the board with a single paddle. It’s fantastic exercise and loads of fun. This board includes the needed accessories at a comparatively very affordable price. The accessories, made by ISUP, include a pump, an adjustable paddle, a pump, a leash, and a repair kit. This board is built for many different levels of SUP paddle boarders. It’s good for beginners, yoga, fishing, bringing kids or pets, and for surfing.

RCKAKS Rating & Customer Reviews

The RCKAKS inflatable paddle board has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating according to amazon. 67% of the ratings are 5 stars, 16% are 4 stars and 17% are 3 stars. There are no 2 or 1 star ratings. The 5-star ratings mostly talk about how amazing the board is. According to the reviews, it’s easy to inflate and deflate. The reviews say it’s easy to transport from one place to another, and that it’s tons of fun.

The biggest complaint from the 3 and 4-star reviews say the psi gauge isn’t working correctly. So while inflating, you can’t be quite sure if the board is inflated to the amount I should be. But from what the reviews are saying, the good outweighs the bad.

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The RCKAKS Paddle Board Dimensions

  • Length: This board is 10’6″ long. It’s a comfortable length for most riders.
  • Width: This board is 33″ wide. This width makes this inflatable paddle board very stable to stand on. Being so stable makes this board work well for every level, including beginners.
  • Height: This board is 6″ high/thick. The thickness of the board is also very important for stability. It helps the rider maintain balance.
  • Weight Capacity: The RCKAKS sup board holds a maximum weight of 350 lbs. Keep in mind when looking at that, you need to add the extra weight for anything you bring on with you. But at 350 lbs as the weight capacity, it’s perfect for the plus-sized paddler.
  • Weight of the Board: The RCKAKS inflatable sup board is 22 lbs in total, making it very easy to transport. Especially when deflated.
  • Max Inflation Pressure: The maximum pressure, or PSI (pound-force per square inch) is 15 on this board. It’s important to make sure the PSI gauge is working correctly before inflating so you don’t overinflate the board. As a small piece of information, the gauge will not move until it’s hit a certain PSI. Then it will begin to go up.


This stand up paddle board is made to be extremely lightweight, which it is at only 22 lbs. It’s made of double-layer PVC. The inside is made of drop stitch fiber and a fiber layer. The edges have an inner seaming rail and an outer protection rail. There is also a seaming layer. The top is made of EVA deck which gives it the non-slip deck pad.

The sup board also has a high-pressure finish and is UV resistant. Also on the board are crisscrossed bungee cords. Perfect to put your dry bag, water bottle, even the end of the paddle under to hold it down to the board. It also has a handle so when the board is inflated, it’s easy to carry. There’s a valve for inflating. The board also has a reflective logo for safety, especially as it gets darker out. Then there is also a PVC imprint on the bottom.

The RCKAKS board is meant for every level. It’s extremely versatile. Its length thickness and width make it stable and perfect for both beginners and yoga on the inflatable paddle board. The weight capacity along with the stability also makes it good for bringing your child on with you or even your dog. The fins and height make it so that it would be able to maneuver in the waves, making it good for surfing as well.

  • This board comes with a whole bunch of isup accessories. Making everything available in one purchase.
  • Traveling backpack- This backpack makes bringing your deflated sup board easy to transport to and from the shore. It’s great for easy storage for the board as well.
  • Pump- The board comes with a pump to inflate your RCKAKS board. It has a gauge on it to be able to make sure the board doesn’t get overinflated. The pump is lightweight and easy to carry with you to inflate and deflate your board.
  • Paddle- Included in your purchase is a 3 section paddle. The 3 sections make it easy to adjust to the proper height for your own height.
  • Coil traction leash/ ankle strap- The ankle strap is super important. It keeps the board from floating away if you fall. The coil makes it so it isn’t uncomfortable when being stretched, but short to prevent tripping.
  • Removable fin- The fin is important when using the sup board because it cuts through the water, making maneuvering the board super easy.
  • Repair kit with extra D-ring and valve wrench- Sometimes the PVC can get scratched badly and rip. The repair kit is there so if that should happen, it’s repairable. The extra D-ring can be applied to the board to make extra spaces to attach things like more bungee to hold your stuff down on the board.
  • 5 Liter dry bag- The dry bag is great to have. It seals everything in so everything stays dry. It’s perfect for sunscreen, phones, watches, jewelry, anything you may have with you that you want to stay dry but can’t stay onshore.

RCKAKS SUP Review Conclusions

Overall this board is a great buy. With boards reaching prices of in the thousands, the price is very affordable. It’s well made and comes with all the accessories needed. Perfect for an outdoor adventure!

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