Awesafe Paddle Board Review [2022 Expert Comparison]

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General Description

The Awesafe inflatable paddle board is a very impressive product in its own right. The accessories included with the board compliment its design while greatly enhancing functionality. These accessories include a backpack, waterproof accessories bag, detachable fin, paddle, double-action pump, valve tightening wrench, and safety leash.

It’s not just the features, design, and accessories that make this Awesafe board a work of art. The materials that go into its manufacturing meet military standards, and the design includes an ultra-light drop-stitch core built inside. On top of that, the non-slip EVA form deck pad allows for sure footing for riding the in a standing position.

Not only is this board strong, but it only weighs 17.2 pounds while measuring with a 10 foot length, 32 inch width, and 6 inch depth. Most impressively, this steady stand up board can handle 320 pounds of weight. It’s also ready to go adventuring in fresh or salt waters, so go ahead and grab it for all kinds of fun.

This stand up paddle board has a complete UV protective coating which means it won’t show signs of wear and tear over time. It’s constructed with a high-pressure laminated structure, so the components maintain their airtight hold. The drop stitch core is made with a reinforced composite weave. The EVA non-slip deck pad is Thermo sealed in place to prevent slips. The double deck valve is designed for a quick and easy connection with the double-action hand air pump.

This Awesafe model is so good to go that it’s sold with a full year (1yr) manufactures warranty. On top of all that, you can contact customer service online anytime of day or night (24/7).

Customer Average Review / Star Rating

Great experience so far – hopefully it lasts!
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 10, 2021
Well packaged and very easy to set up for the first time. Everything, including the bag seem very sturdy and the pump gets the SUP to pressure fairly quickly (good warm-up!). I have only used it once so far, but that was in pretty rough seas and it was very stable and easy to control. It’s very sturdy and I expect it to last a long time.

Sizes Weight and Measurements

This Awesafe stand up paddle board provides a long, wide, and safe surface for watery fun. It’s big enough to carry a single adult and can handle the weight of an extra smaller passenger such as a small child or dog. The non-slip surface allows for safe ferrying without worry over calm waters.

Awesafe SUP10′32″6″17.2 LBS320 LBS$211

Measurement at a glance:

  • Length: 10 feet
  • Width: 32 inches
  • Height: 6 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 320 pounds
  • Weight of the Board: 17.2 pounds

Construction, Materials

You can’t see it, but the material that makes up the core of this ISUP board just happens to be top-shelve PVC. That’s short for Polyvinyl Chloride, and it’s super tough, enough to handle being bashed against coral reefs.

It’s not just the ultra-light drop-stitch core that makes this Awesafe stand up board awesome. The four surrounding layers made of an airtight seal, base cloth, a second airtight layer, and outer rail layer ensure a smooth and safe float over waters.

There are other details designed that make a huge difference. The leash clip D-rings at the front and back of the board and bungee tie down at the front are good safety features. The bungee tie down feature is actually a six-point design that holds items still securely. These work well with the removable main fin and side fins for steady and smooth maneuverability.

The design and details for the accessories complement this board nicely. The safety leash is cushioned for comfort with a coiled cord that won’t drag in waters or get in the way. The three-piece fiber glass paddle adjusts to different lengths, from 43-84 inches, for easy use. The travel paddle comes with its own carrying bag. The shaft is made from an aluminum alloy with the blade of nylon.

The slim hand pump and valve tightening wrench ensure that inflated air never escapes the stand up board. The waterproof accessories bag keeps things like cell phones and knick-knacks dry, and the portable backpack is actually multifunctional. The double deck valve is designed to completely trap air inside the board which enhances air pump use.

Proper Uses / Who is this Board For

Just about anyone can use and enjoy this stand up board for all kinds of fun on the water. It’s great for traveling through calm river ways or floating across lakes. The detachable and adjustable accessories and multifunction bags make this board perfect for travel. It’s actually big and strong enough to use for fishing trips. Measuring at 10 feet long and nearly 3 feet wide, this board can easily be used for sunbathing or yoga activities.

Accessories and Included Items

The accessories for this ISUP board include a backpack with thick shoulder straps for comfort. This backpack also has adjustable straps along the back for traveling purposes. The waterproof accessories bag also has an adjustable and detachable strap to keep personal items safe and secure. The paddle completely breaks down into 3 pieces. The safety leash secures you to the board but doesn’t get in the way due to its coiled cord. The air pump and valve click together easily to make inflation quick a quick task while the valve tightening wrench ensures an air-tight seal.

Accessories at a glance:

  • Backpack with comfortable shoulder straps
  • Waterproof accessories bag with detachable strap
  • Aluminum three-piece adjustable paddle
  • Safety leash with coiled cord
  • Double-action air pump
  • Valve tightening wrench
  • Detachable main fin


This inflatable paddle board is a good product for anyone who enjoys casual fun on water. It’s light weight and sturdy design make it safe to use in calm or moving waters. The inflatable design and details like non-slip deck and double deck valve ensures safe use.

It’s the portability that makes this stand up paddle board a good choice. Every thing you need for safe and easy use fits in the backpack. When you get to the waters, every accessory is safely secured to the board or your body by design.

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