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Vilano Paddle Board
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The Vilano paddle boards are great value priced SUPs for beginners and veteran paddlers. Depending on which board you choose, it can hold up to 280 pounds. With a fairly narrow width for a cruiser board of 30 inches and 31.5 on the larger board, they do tend to rock if you don’t maintain an even weight. However, its nonslip foot grip makes it very easy for you to stay on it. Even with its fin attached, the Vilano is very maneuverable.

The Vilano line of paddle boards includes 2 different sizes: A 10 foot long version called the Journey and 10 foot 6 inch version named the Navigator. As a result, you need to be sure to read the fine print on both before settling on the one that’s right for you.

  • Journey
  • Navigator

The Vilano comes with its own paddle, carry bag, pump and leash. Not every paddle board comes with as much of its own equipment. As a result, with the Vilano, you can rest assured that you’re getting as much of what you need with one inflatable paddle board.

The Vilano does best in calm waters. However, the detachable fin in the back often helps it balance and track in slightly more rapid or choppy water.

Is The Vilano Good? Should I Buy It?

Vilano makes solid quality, value priced paddle boards that a great for buyers looking for a good entry level cruiser paddle board. These boards tend to be a little narrower than many other cruiser style SUPs which are 32″ or 33″ wide for similar lengths. This means these less stable, but more maneuverable than other similar boards.

Vilano Paddle Board Alternatives


Find the perfect stand up paddle board for any aquatic adventure on waterways, rivers, bays, and even the ocean! The Vilano Inflatable Paddle Board (SUP) Package is a robust and resilient board made of high grade PVC with a Korean Drop-Stitch construction method. This ISUP is 10.5 feet long by 32 inches wide by 6 inches thick. It is built tough and durable and comes with many unique features for all your stand-up paddle boarding needs. It has a maximum carrying capacity of either 260lbs. or 280lbs. depending on the model, which means that most adults with their children or pets can enjoy a single paddle board together.

The Vilano Board Package comes in the Navigator and Journey models and in two colors of either aqua blue or gray. Each model comes with slight variations in size and overall dimensions. The inflatable paddle board even comes with removable fins for stabilization and better track on all sorts of conditions in the water. The package also includes a long list of features such D-rings to allow for attaching cargo and storage, a kayak seat with backrest, a diamond-smooth nonslip deck pad, and a whole list of accessories for the complete convenience and paddle boarding needs such as a carrying backpack, a valve wrench for maintenance, and an easy-to-use inflation valve. When deflated and rolled for storage, the paddle board is only 36 inches in length and only 1 foot in diameter and weighs 25 pounds with the full package and accessories.

Customer Ratings

The Vilano Navigator Inflatable SUP (Stand-Up Paddle) Board Package has an impressive average customer rating of 4.7/5 stars out of 162 total ratings with 85% of customers having given the product an admirable rating of 5 stars. Most customers praise the Vilano SUP Board Package for its ease of use, durability, maneuverability, and lightweight characteristics. Vilano can be considered by many customers to be the go-to paddle board brand of their choice.

4.6 out of 5

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Sizes, weight & measurements

Dimensions differ between the two boards. The Villano isup board comes in two different forms, aqua and white. While they’re similar, they have slightly different capacities. For example, the aqua is 10.6×32 inches while the white is 10×31.5. Please note that the Villano also comes in 11.6 and 12.6 inches long. Even a slight difference in the dimensions with an inflatable paddle board makes a significant difference in how much weight it can handle. It also makes a difference in how maneuverable and stable a stand up paddle board is. There are also other things to consider, such as where you’ll be using your board the most.

The Vilano Journey

  • Length: 10 Feet
  • Width: 30 inches
  • Height: 6 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 260 lbs
  • Weight of the Board: 23 lbs
  • Max Pressure: 15 PSI

The Vilano Navigator

  • Length: 10 Feet 6 Inches
  • Width: 31.5 inches
  • Height: 6 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 280 lbs
  • Weight of the Board: 25 lbs
  • Max Pressure: 15 PSI

Construction, materials

The Vilano is made from PVC drop stitch construction to maintain the shape and with dual layers for durability. The standing area is made from diamond groove anti-slip pads that make it comfortable for paddling for several hours. However, don’t leave it out in the hot sun for too long, or it could deflate. Instead, it’s better to let a bit of air out in the shade. The D-rings enable you to add a kayak seat or tie down a small amount of cargo.

The Vilano comes with its own removable shoulder strap that can act as a large purse strap.

If you film documentaries or like to film your experiences in real time, a camera mount comes with the package. Both forms of the board come with their own hand pumps. It also comes with a single, detachable fin to be able to tread in a broader range of waters. However, it can be removed if you’re going to add storage or use it for transport.

It’s other materials include a repair patch, it’s paddle, backpack carry bag, mini dry bag, repair patches, and a valve wrench. When you’re not using it, the large backpack carry bag holds your Vilano inflatable paddle board. Deflated and rolled up, the boards are only one foot by 36 inches in diameter.

Note that the one-year warranty covers the workmanship and all materials.

Proper Uses / Who is this Board For?

The Vilano Inflatable SUP Board Package is for all adults who enjoy a relaxing or thrilling adventure on the waterways, at the beach, at the lake, or in the bay. An additional kayak seat can be added to the board as well so parents can enjoy the paddle board with their loved ones. The Journey model of the board has a maximum weight allowance of 260 pounds while the Navigator model has a maximum weight allowance of 280 pounds so that even pets and children can join in on the paddle boarding experience.

Again, the Vilano stand up paddle board is designed mainly for calm waters. They can be used for touring, exercise or leisure. It’s primarily made for calm bays and inland water bodies. However, if you’re planning to ride down rougher waters, adding a kayak seat is highly recommended.

Remember, the Vilano takes between 260-280 pounds so make sure that your weight as well as any cargo you’re carrying, doesn’t exceed that. You don’t want to risk sinking, sitting too low in the water or having limited stability because of over weighting.

List and details of accessories / included items

  • Both the Navigator and Journey models come with several features and accessories to fulfill all the needs that come with paddle boarding. With everything that comes with the package, nothing else needs to be brought to the water! The board’s features and entire package include all of the following items:
  • Large foam nonslip deck
  • Carrying handle
  • Multiple D-rings for carrying/ securing a leash, cordage, and accessories
  • A front action camera mount
  • Cargo bungie system
  • Adjustable paddle
  • Dry bag
  • Backpack carrying case
  • Coiled leash
  • Camera float
  • Removable fin with included valve wrench
  • Pump with a PSI gauge.

The most valuable accessory on the Vilano is the valve. One of the most common questions is whether the valve is replaceable in case even the wrench can’t tighten it. If this happens to you and your board is still on warranty, fill out the warranty with a description and a couple of pictures of the issue. Otherwise, you need to contact the manufacturer and see what they recommend. The valve is located on the very back of the board for balance so that the air pumped into it will be evenly distributed.
One thing that makes the Vilano stand out is its valve wrench tool that comes in handy for tightening.

The Vilano’s other accessories include:

  • The aluminum, 3-piece paddle is Vilano’s own, they don’t have them made from any outside companies. Keep in mind, however, they are not designed to float.
  • It’s fin, which is so called because it imitates a fish fin, helps to keep the board tracking well through various waters.
  • A removable shoulder strap to help carry it. These are a great addition to have.
  • The backpack carry bag, being of a similar height to a hiker’s backpack, comes in handy for storing not just the board but also the paddle and other detachable items.


One thing that makes the Vilano an excellent choice is it’s valve and the wrench tool used for its regular maintenance. Eventually, the valve becomes deflated with repeated inflation and deflation. When it does, the wrench is there to help tighten it. That way, you don’t have to replace your Vilano so quickly.

However, never try to deflate your board with the wrench. That can leave a tear and holes in it.

Also, even though the Vilano is made of drop stitch material, it feels like a hard board.

Also, it’s highly portable and can be carried in a backpack thanks to its being only one foot when it’s deflated.

It’s a great board for novice paddlers as it’s very maneuverable. However, again, be sure to maintain an even weight as it can get very rocky otherwise. It may be helpful to climb up on it with your knees.

The Vilano Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package is the perfect choice for all stand up paddle boarding needs. It comes complete with all the equipment and features necessary to stow, carry, prepare the board for use, maintaining the board, and to ensure an enjoyable and convenient experience. Based on customer ratings and reviews, the paddle board is maneuverable, easy to use, simple to maintain, and is lightweight, durable, and ultra-portable, making it the ideal paddle board for any on-the-water adventure. Aside from all the value that comes at a most reasonable price, Vilano includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers the product’s materials and workmanship.

The Vilano Inflatable SUP Board Package is everything needed for good fun on the lake, waterway, river, or the beach. With fine craftsmanship using high-grade PVC and drop-stitch construction, the added accessories, extra features, the Vilano ISUP Board Package provides the best all-around quality for the best price. The large foam non-slip deck, a carrying case, shoulder strap, front action camera mount, camera float, a removable fin, valve wrench, multiple D-rings for securing cordage and cargo, space for an extra kayak seat, a pump with a PSI gauge, a coiled leash, and an adjustable paddle that shortens or extends, there is not much left to ask for or write about when it comes to the Vilano ISUP Boards that come in either Navigator or Journey models with each having 280lb or 260lb carrying capacity respectively.

The customer feedback and experience is overwhelmingly positive for the paddle boards with an impressive 4.7/5 customer rating out of 162 total ratings. An admirable 85% of all customers gave the Vilano Inflatable SUP Board an amazing 5-star rating. Adults of all ages including beloved pets will be guaranteed to have adventures in the water with the Vilano Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. For even more added convenience, Vilano also has available electric pumps and floatable paddles to add to the already-long list of features and accessories that come with the entire package. Let the wet and watery paddle boarding fun begin with the Vilano Inflatable SUP Board package, because there really is nothing left to say about the product with all its facts and figures already provided!

Vilano Journey SUP
BoardVilano JourneyVilano Navigator
Capacity260 LBS280 LBS
Customer Rating4.6 | 5.04.7 | 5.0
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