DAMA 9’6″ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

DAMA 9 Foot inflatable stand up paddle board with faux wood grain

Fun iSUP Design For Beginners

Great all around paddle board for kids or smaller paddlers that comes with everything you need to get started on day 1.

Plus the wood grain design is super cool on the inflatable board – we love it!

If the primary paddler is on the lighter side – 110 lbs or similar this is a great board option that should be at the top of your list.

DAMA iSUP Review Summary

In this review we think it’s important to cut to the chase quickly about the real story of this board. So dive right in.

This is a very solid paddle board with good construction and when you consider the roughly $300 price point it’s frankly a pretty big winner in our book.

BUT, it’s important to consider who this paddle board is designed for and will work BEST for!

Dama Paddle Board Review: Who This Board Is Great For

This SUP is going to perform best for smaller / lighter than average paddlers (like children or smaller women). It’s ideal weight is about 110 lbs (although a little more is probably fine). But if you weigh 150+ with you and your gear, we do NOT recommend this board for you. It will likely feel a bit unstable, sit low in the water and be difficult to paddle straight.

However, if you are a smaller and lighter paddler looking for a great value first paddle board this is an absolutely great choice.

DAMA 9’6″ Price And Value

At around $300 the Dama is an incredibly good value for an inflatable SUP that comes with everything you need to get paddling. That price range absolutely puts it at the low end of what a good quality inflatable board kit should cost. So it get’s our buy recommendation, but beware any paddle boards that get much cheaper than this.

DAMA SUP Performance And Handling

The key performance factors for the Dama 9’6″ SUP are:

DAMA Key Performance Factors

  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Fast for it’s size

The DAMA 9’6″ Is NOT Great At

  • Carrying heavy loads, gear or multiple people
  • Providing extra stability

The reason the DAMA is easy to maneuver is because of it’s dimensions. At 9’6″ long, it’s a shorter style all around board. The shorter the board, the easier it is to turn it because there is less waterline to turn through the water.

Usually a shorter board tends to mean a slower paddle board, but the DAMA features a fairly narrow 30″ width and a pointed bow. The pointed front end of the board helps this board slice through the water well and keep up speed. Additionally, the narrower width gives it a good length to width proportion for it’s size. This again helps it paddle quickly.

Larger paddlers may find this board more difficult to handle because of that narrow width. Also, smaller paddlers who want a more stable platform may want to look at paddle boards with more width.

DAMA Full Product Details

The Board

Let’s start with the board. The Dama is made with a very familiar 2-ply construction design that layers a mesh stability layers between 2 PVC layers. Overall this is a very standard construction that gives a fantastic balance of weight and durability.

It’s dimension are 9 feet and 6 inches long by 30 inches wide and 6 inches tall putting it on both the shorter and narrower ends of the all around cruiser SUP category. However, the dimensions for length and width are a good complement to each other.

dama paddle boards paddle floats

The Paddle

One of the things we love about this kit is that the paddle is designed to FLOAT. This is one of the huge negatives that we see for most consumer paddle board reviews. Inevitably they drop the paddle and it sinks. Not likely to be a problem with this floating paddle from the Dama.

It breaks down into 3 pieces for easy storage and is also lighter weight than other paddles for similar boards. This is a nice plus for smaller paddlers or children to help keep you arms from getting tired when paddling.

Yes, the paddle is adjustable to your height.

The Backpack & Pump

The backpack is designed to be very comfortable to wear when carrying your board from your car to the lake or river to paddle. Everything packs up and stores inside very nicely.

Additionally, as long you completely deflate your board you can ACTUALLY roll this board back up and really fit everything back inside the pack without struggling. We hate it when the manufacturer can fit everything in the bag when vacuum packed – but it never all goes back in. But that’s not the case here.

The pump is a very standard dual action style pump with an easy to read pressure gauge on the pump handle.

Board Construction

This board is made with DAMAs TribleTech which is a double layer material with a polyester mesh core sandwiched between two layers of laminated, durable PVC.

The Tritech is very durable and also has a useful antiskid design.

What Comes With the DAMA Paddle Board?

The quick overview of the DAMA stand up board package is that it includes everything you need to get paddling out on the water on day 1 (except for a life jacket). This complete package is very standard for most paddle board kits these days, so this is a nice plus – but doesn’t necessarily make it a stand out compared to other boards you may be considering.

  • 9 Foot 6 inch long inflatable paddle board
  • Paddle – that floats!
  • Carry backpack
  • Water proof haul bag
  • Removable fin
  • Pump
  • Ankle leash
  • Repair kit

Consumer Ratings By Feature

Overall Customer Rating: ★★★★★ 4.4 Of 5.0 Rating

  • Light Weight: ★★★★★ 4.7 Rating
  • Sturdiness: ★★★★☆ 4.5 Rating
  • Easy To Inflate: ★★★★☆ 4.5 Rating
  • Durability: ★★★★☆ 4.4 Rating
  • Stability: ★★★★☆ 4.4 Rating

DAMA 9 Foot 6 Inch Inflatable SUP Pros & Cons

Pros of the DAMA Board

  • Very unique Faux wood design on inflatable board
  • Smaller size is great for kids and smaller paddlers
  • Great “bang for the buck”
  • Great for beginners – comes with complete package
  • Good quality board
  • Easy to use
  • Floating paddle (particularly important for kids)

Cons of the DAMA Paddle Board

About 6% of the consumer reviews we analyzed were a 1 star review with another 4% being a 2 star review. This is a little higher than the average of other similar boards, but within a reasonable range of negative reviews for an inflatable paddle board. Particularly an inflatable board at this value priced range in the $300 – $400 range.

  • Faulty air valve
  • Had a leak out of the package

The key negative reviews that we saw all related to what appear to be fairly isolated manufacturing defects. Please keep in mind that any time an item is mass produced and sells at a value price like this board for about $350 dollars – these things will happen.

So upon analysis, we do not think these negative reviews should prevent you from purchasing this board.

DAMA Price: Here’s How To Get Your’s Cheap

We’ve not only reviewed the DAMA board for you (it get’s a buy rating for good value, smaller cruiser SUP boards) but also hunted around the internet looking for the best price on the DAMA 9’6″ board.

At the end of the day, we’d recommend you check out shopping for this board at Amazon. It’s currently listed at about $330 dollars (although the price does fluctuate a little depending on their inventory), but if you have a Prime Membership you can get this board with FREE 2-day shipping which itself is a great value.

DAMA iSUP Uses / Who Is It Good For?

The Dama paddle board is a smaller style cruiser SUP that makes it a great choice for children or smaller adults. This is probably a result of it’s smaller size that creates a lower volume board and overall less flotation than other boards like the Acoway or SereneLife Paddle Boards that are about 1 foot longer and a few inches wider.

For a child, they will find this board better suited to their overall size and make it easier to paddle and still be stable for them at 30 inches wide. The similar is true for smaller adults.

In fact, the 30 inch width will make paddling easier because shorter people with shorter arms will be able to get their paddle past the board edge more easily and reduce the stress on their arms that they might feel from trying to reach out past a wider width board.

Where To Use The DAMA

Due to it’s shorter length (compared to other Cruiser SUPS) and slightly narrower profile we’d recommend this board for use on more calm and flat waters like a lake, reservoir or calm river.

In larger bodies of water that could be windier or have larger waves this board will likely feel much harder to balance than many of it’s 32″ or 33″ inch wide cousins.

Additionally, the shorter length will make it a little more difficult to paddle in a straight, tracking line (although the fin will help) and the windier it gets or the more waves or current – the more difficult it will be to hold to that straight course.

Quick Product Specs & Dimensions

The Dama is at the smaller end of the standard cruiser sup dimensions at 9.5 feet long and 30 inches wide which makes it a great choice for kids or smaller paddlers who want something more manageable.

Paddle BoardLengthWidthHeightWeightCapacity
DAMA Inflatable Paddle Board9’6″30″6″20 lbs220 lbs
Dama Paddle Board Dimensions

Keep in mind that the capacity is max capacity up to about 220lbs (50kgs). The manufacturer specifically states that for best performance of this board they recommend about 50kgs which is about 110 lbs.

DAMA iSUP Warranty

As for the coverage of your DAMA board after you choose to buy one, they state:

“We also firmly believe in the quality of our paddle boards provide you with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty without paying additional fees.”

So, have no fear – your board is covered with that 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Review Conclusion: Happy With the DAMA 9’6″ Paddle Board

This board get some great marks from consumers and rates very well. If you are a smaller and lighter paddler in the 100 to 150 pound range and looking for an easy to inflate, easy to pack and great looking paddle board we’d definitely recommend this board for you.

DAMA Paddle Board FAQs

How Long Does It Take To Inflate the DAMA Board?

Customer reviews indicate it takes about 5-7 minutes of pumping to inflate this board all the way. This estimate is inline with our expectations and experience.

What Pressure Should I Inflate The DAMA SUP To?

The DAMA board will perform best with it’s maximum firmness when inflated to about 12-15 PSI. You can use the gauge on the hand pump to tell when you have inflated the DAMA to the proper pressure.

Can This Board Convert To A Kayak?

Yes! The DAMA iSUP comes with correctly placed steel D-Rings so that you can attach a kayak seat and paddle this board like a kayak. Keep in mind you will likely want to get a kayak paddle.

What Is The Max Weight For This Board?

The max weight is 220 lbs, but this board is really more recommended for up to about 110 lbs (kids, smaller paddlers). After reviewing consumer comments this appears to be true. We saw some people who are larger paddlers comment that it was difficult for them to balance and paddle straight on this board.