Unbiased THURSO SURF Prodigy Junior SUP Review

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thurso kids prodigy paddle board
Thurso Prodigy iSUP Review Summary

Top Quality SUP For Kids

If you are looking for an entry level inflatable paddle board at an absolutely rock bottom price, the Thurso Prodigy is a great choice.

Thurso Prodigy Paddle Board Review Summary

As usual with us, it’s straight the gritty details and wrap up about the Thurso Prodigy 10 foot 6 inch paddle board.

This is a great paddle board for beginners looking for their first paddle board at a low price or if you are looking for an affordable paddle board gift for someone.

It has everything a first time or novice paddle boarder needs to get paddling without sinking your bank account. It really is a starter board with a simple but easy to paddle design – with no frills to upgrades.

If you are looking to get into the sport for a minimal amount of money – this is your board. If you are pretty set on getting into paddle boarding and want to make a bit of an investment in something that will grow with you, we might recommend spending a little more and checking out an iROCKER or Thurso.

Thurso Prodigy Price And Value

At less than $250 dollars for a solid, inflatable paddle board and all the kit you need to get paddling it’s pretty hard to beat the cost and value of this board. If you are a beginning paddler looking for your first board or a gift for someone looking to try out paddling – this is about as cheap a board as you can find that still has solid quality.

Thurso Prodigy Full Product Details

The Board

The Thurso Prodigy board is a great setup for easy use for beginners and paddling. It has a comfortable non-slip deck that covers about 2/3s of the board so you can comfortably stand where you want when paddling. The front 1/3 of the board is covered with a set of bungee cords to hold down any other accessories you may have.

The carrying handle and the low weight of this board make it easy to carry down to the water or pull onto a beach whenever you need. With a full inflate of up to 15 PSI this board will feel just about as rigid as a solid board, but be easier to balance on and softer if you bump it.

The Paddle

If you are shopping for a kids paddle board you will realize that the CARBON shaft paddle Thurso includes in this package is a HUGE upgrade compared to what most companies package with a kids SUP. Why is the paddle from Thurso better than others?

The carbon fiber construction makes it much lighter and stronger than the aluminum paddles you get with budget paddle boards or even the fiberglass upgrade paddles you get from some other companies.

At only 2 lbs. it’s stronger, will float, is easier on your shoulders and arms and can even be converted to a kayak paddle with an extra blade (sold separately).

It’s easy to carry and store because it breaks down into 3-pieces and can be adjusted from 68’’ to 84’’ to fit junior sized paddlers – which is particularly important for a kids board!  The blade itself is a durable nylon composite that will resist chipping or breaking if it finds a rock or hard edge, so even if your kids are a little rough on their toys – this paddle will stick with them.

The Backpack & Pump

The good news is that this board does come with a backpack / storage bag and the pump you will need to get it inflated. Inflating this board will usually take about 5-10 minutes based on how fast you pump. Be warned, a hand pump can absolutely be a workout.

The backpack is functional, but fairly bare bones. It can be a bit uncomfortable for a long carry, but just fine to get your board from a parking lot to a beach or dock where you want to dip your board in the water.

Board Construction

There aren’t too many details about the construction of this board, but upon inspection it appears to be a fairly standard design. We estimate that it’s likely a 2 ply main inflatable paddle board construction which allows it to be fairly durable and rigid while maintaining it’s light weight. They then mention adding a 3rd layer so the sides which helps keep the board more rigid without the added weight of a full layer.

For durability, this board should be about average. You are find if it has the occasional scrape on some rocks or gets beached on the sand – but won’t offer the same lifetime durability as a 3 ply board.

Quick Product Specs & Dimensions

Paddle BoardLengthWidthHeightWeightCapacity
Thurso Tranquility Yoga Inflatable SUP10’8″34″6″29 lbs350 lbs
Quick Specs For The Thurso Prodigy Paddle Board

What Comes With the Thurso Prodigy Paddle Board?

The quick overview of the Thurso Prodigy inflatable stand up board package is that it includes everything you need to get paddling out on the water on your first day with your new board. Thurso Prodigy offers this complete package with everything you need except a life jacket. We like that they include everything you need as it makes this package a contender since so many boards are all inclusive these days.

  • 10 Foot 8 inch long inflatable paddle board with generous 34 inch width
  • 3 piece easily adjustable paddle
  • Carry backpack
  • Removable fin
  • Pump
  • Ankle leash
  • Repair kit
  • Waterproof phone store bag

Consumer Ratings By Feature

Overall Customer Rating: ★★★★★ 4.4 Of 5.0 Rating with 165+ Reviews

  • Thickness: ★★★★★ 4.6 Rating
  • Stability: ★★★★☆ 4.4 Rating
  • Value for money: ★★★★☆ 4.3 Rating
  • Sturdiness: ★★★★☆ 4.3 Rating
  • Easy to inflate: ★★★★☆ 3.7 Rating

Thurso Prodigy Inflatable SUP Pros & Cons

Pros of the Thurso Prodigy Board

After reviewing all of the customer reviews the most positive aspects of this board quickly become apparent.

  • Low Price & Good Value: It’s fair to say that one of the biggest selling points of this inflatable paddle board is that you get everything you need for a great, beginner paddle board for about $250.
  • Quick & Easy To Use: Many people talked about how they could easily carry the board to the beach in the backpack, inflate it in about 5-10 minutes and inflate it and pack it all back up in even less time than that.
  • Fun & Easy To Paddle: Customers spoke very highly of how much fun they had on the board. It offered good stability and flotation for people just getting their sea legs and learning how to paddle.

Cons of the Thurso Prodigy

After reviewing all of the negative real customer reviews on the Thurso Prodigy we found that they fall into a few main categories of complaints outlined below. It’s important to note that less than 10% of the total reviews were in the negative range of 1 and 2 stars. This is a little higher than we like to see, but in a fairly normal range of complaints – particularly for a product that is in a very low priced range like this board.

  • Paddle Defects: A few customers mentioned the paddle was broken or missing a piece when the board arrived. This can happen with value priced products and should be fixed by the manufacturer.
  • Pump Defects: A few customers mentioned the pump did not work or the dial pressure gauge was broken on arrival. This can happen with value priced products and should be fixed by the manufacturer if you contact them.
  • Seam / Valve Defects: Some people mentioned air leaks from the valve or seam after a few uses. Again, this should NOT happen – but does occasionally with cheaper products. It seems to be a very small portion of the boards sold.
  • Sizing: One customer who mentioned being smaller (about 5’2″ tall) said the board was too big to handle well. We don’t consider this a negative for this board since that’s a sizing issue. If you are a smaller paddler – we might recommend you look at something smaller like the Dama Paddle Board.

Thurso Prodigy Price: Here’s How To Get Your’s Cheap

So you are pretty interested in getting the Thurso Prodigy, but where can you go to get the lowest price possible on the Thurso Prodigy?

We highly recommend purchasing your Thurso Prodigy from Amazon because they have some of the lowest prices we have seen on the board, plus they offer good customer protections and fast free shipping.

Thurso Prodigy iSUP Uses / Who Is It Good For?

Thurso Prodigy advertising this board as a good choice for all around paddling boarding, surfing or fishing. In our own opinion this is a great paddle board for a beginner iSUPer who is looking to get a good board for a low price and get on the water.

When it comes to surfing with this board, it likely wouldn’t be our first choice as a “surf board”, but there are a few customer reviews saying they have played in some waves along the beach and had a great time.

If you want a solid, no frills paddle board for a beginner at a rock bottom price – this is a good choice.

Thurso Prodigy iSUP Warranty

Thurso offers a generous 2 Year Long Manufacturer Limited Warranty (that starts on the date of your purchase) on their inflatable paddle boards (iSUPs) including the Prodigy paddle board.

So what does this cover? They offer coverage for any defect in workmanship and materials. If you do have a manufacturing defect with your Thurso SUP, you should contact them and they will discuss the problem with you to help come to the best resolution. Some options included are:

  • Repair the defective part or product
  • Or replaced with an equivalent product at no cost to you.

What’s Not Covered In The Thurso Warranty?

It’s important to keep in mind this is protection against manufacturing problems and NOT damage caused to your Thurso Prodigy by use or wear and tear like: hitting rocks, punctures, incorrect storage, scraping it on the beach etch.

Review Conclusion: Happy With the Thurso Prodigy Paddle Board

Thurso Prodigy Paddle Board FAQs

What Are The Deflated Stored Dimensions?

When deflated and packed in it’s bag it’s about 12 inches x 12 inches by about 36 inches tall.

Does The Thurso Prodigy Paddle Float?

Yes it does!

What Is The Max Inflation Pressure?

The max recommended inflation pressure for the Thurso Prodigy is 15 PSI. This will get you the most rigid performance.

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