Run Wave 11′ Inflatable SUP Review – 2022 Expert Opinion

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Run Wave 11′ x 33″ SUP Review Summary

Top Reasons To Buy

  • Great price & value
  • Faster than other cruiser boards
  • More stable than most boards of this length

Faster Than Average, Around Paddle Board For A Low Price

This 11 foot long SUP from Runwave will slice through water easily for fast and efficient paddling and the 33″ width gives the board good balance.

The Run Wave is a Good Buy for anyone who wants a value-priced, cruiser SUP with a little more speed and stability.

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Runwave Paddle Board Review Summary

This paddleboard is great for a beginner or intermediate level paddler but will make even the most expert paddler drool with envy.

It’s 11 foot long x 33 inch wide dimensions make it a perfect platform for a fast, efficiently paddling cruiser SUP.

Is The Run Wave 11 Foot A Good SUP?

Yes, the Run Wave eleven footer is a good paddle board. The kit has everything a first-time or SUPPer needs to get paddling and will be fun and easy to paddle.

Cheaper Alternatives

Run Wave 11′ Price And Value

At around $300 for the 11 foot SUP this

Run Wave Full Product Details

The Board & Construction

The Food board is a great setup for easy use for beginners or intermediate-level paddle boarders.

The board weighs about 28 LBS which is a little more than some other boards of this length but for a good reason. The Run Wave is designed to paddle fast and be very durable. The top-quality materials that Run Wave uses in this board are thicker to make them more durable.

The profile of the Run Wave will make for a great all-around board that will paddle a little faster and more efficiently than many other boards out there. The 11 foot length to 33″ inch width will help it slice through the water well.

Additionally, the tail is nicely tapered which will help give you a little more speed and the rocker nose allows the board to slice through the water while still keeping you dry under most conditions.

The Paddle

The paddle that comes with the Run Wave is a standard 3 piece adjustable paddle with a nice comfortable grip for your top hand. The blade is 16″ long and 8.5″ wide at the bottom of the paddle. The Paddle is adjustable to fit different height paddlers and adjusts from 65″ to 85″ long. The length can be easily adjusted with a lock tight adjustment clasp.

The Backpack & Pump

It shouldn’t be a surprise, but Run Wave put as much through into the carry pack for the Run Wave as they did the board itself. The deflated paddle board and all the gear easily fit inside this backpack with a little room to spare for that extra towel or water bottle.

There are conveniently placed haul handles on both the top and the side. While that seems like a small thing it makes loading the bag into a car truck to closet much easier.

The carry straps are oversized, padded, and adjustable. This means you can carry your Run Wave Aero board for a distance if you want and not be miserable. If you are heading for a longer hike into a secluded lake or are doing a downriver float with a walk back – this is a bag you want to use.

The packed up dimensions are 40″ x 16″ x 12″.

Quick Product Specs & Dimensions

Paddle BoardLengthWidthHeightWeightCapacity
Run Wave 11′ Inflatable SUP11′33″6″25 lbs352 lbs
Quick Specs For The Runwave Paddle Board

What Comes With the Runwave Paddle Board?

The Run Wave inflatable stand-up board package has everything you need to get paddling out on the water. The Run Wave offers this complete package with everything you need except a life jacket and an ankle leash. We like that they include everything you need as it makes this package a contender since so many boards are all-inclusive these days.

  • 11 Foot long inflatable paddle board
  • 3 piece easily adjustable paddle
  • Carry backpack
  • Removable fin
  • Pump
  • Repair kit

Consumer Ratings By Feature

Overall Customer Rating: ★★★★★ 4.7 Of 5.0 Rating with 700+ Reviews

Run Wave 11 Ft Inflatable SUP Pros & Cons

Pros of the Runwave Board

After reviewing all of the customer reviews, the most positive aspects of this board quickly become apparent.

  • Good Value: At $300 dollars this board is more expensive than some of the cheap boards you can find out there, but it’s a get what you pay for. The Runwave is a great board that will last for years and give you a board that you won’t outgrow quickly.
  • Both Sturdy & Light: It can be difficult to product inflatable paddle boards that are sturdy and rigid but lightweight at the same time. Run Wave has managed to pull it off with the Runwave. You get a lightweight easy to carry and paddle board, but don’t sacrifice performance. No flimsy inflatable SUPs here!
  • Quick & Easy To Use: Many people talked about how they could easily carry the board to the beach in the backpack, inflate it in about 5-10 minutes and inflate it and pack it all back up in even less time than that.
  • Fun & Easy To Paddle: Customers spoke very highly of how much fun they had on the board. It offered good stability and flotation for people just getting their sea legs and learning how to paddle.

Cons of the Run Wave

In our review analysis of the Run Wave, we found zero negative reviews of 1 or 2 stars – which is impressive. We don’t just stop there thought. We analysed all the positive reviews as well to see if there were any drawbacks mentioned by people who still gave their board a good rating.

  • Ankle Leash: A few customers mentioned they were disappointed that the board did not come with an ankle leash. Run Wave doesn’t advertising this item, so it might just be a lack of understanding what’s in the kit.
  • Pump Defects: A single customer mentioned the dial pressure gauge was broken on arrival. This is one of the most common issues we hear about in negative reviews and Run Wave will work with you to get this corrected if it ever happens..
  • Paddle Strap: One owner mentioned that the velcro straps designed to hold the paddle along the side of the board when tot using it were too shortt to actually hold his paddle. This is a rather odd issue, but we would doubt this happens regularly and would recommend just reaching out to Run Wave to get a fix figured out.

11 Foot Run Wave Price: Here’s How To Get Your’s Cheap

So you’ve decided you want to get the Run Wave (good choice)! but where can you go to get the lowest price possible on the Run Wave SUP?

Run Wave iSUP Uses / Who Is It Good For?

The Run Wave is designed with an all-around use profile and standard lengths that make it perfect for use on lakes, reservoirs, rivers, or light ocean use. It’s a perfect, lightweight, and simple board for fun use with family or friends.

The 11′ design makes it a little longer than most other cruiser style paddle boards which gives you a little more speed when paddling and a little more carrying capacity for an extra friend or dog.

Buy This If

  • You want a good quality, value priced all-around SUP
  • You want a little extra length and capacity

Don’t Buy The Run Wave If

  • You want a top quality paddle board with extra features

If you want a top quality, all-around paddle board that packs small and is easy to carry – this is a great choice.


Review Conclusion: The Run Wave Paddle Board Is A Winner

It’s hard not to be impressed by the Inflatable Run Wave. It’s pretty obvious when a paddle board has been designed by someone in love with water sports – and that’s what you get with a Run Wave Paddle Board.

They aren’t the cheapest SUPs on the market, but if the price tag is in your budget – we highly recommend getting the Run Wave as a top quality All Around paddle board that is great for a first timer, but also a serious enough board to keep any level paddler looking for a board in these lengths extremely satisfied for years.


What Are The Deflated Stored Dimensions?

When deflated and packed in it’s bag it’s about 40 inches x 16 inches by about 12.

Does The Run Wave Paddle Float?

Yes it does!

What Is The Max Inflation Pressure?

The max recommended inflation pressure for the Run Wave is 15 PSI. This will get you the most rigid performance.

Do I Have To Pay For Shipping?

If you order from Amazon and have a Prime membership – it will be free shipping there too.

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