5 Popular Locations to Paddle Board Near Denver, Colorado For A Lifetime Experience

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Stand-up paddle boarding, commonly referred to as SUP, is continuously becoming a popular water-based activity, especially in coastal regions. It is a great stress reliever and provides an excellent way to play with water, with an added advantage of a full-body workout. If wondering for a suitable location where you can get a lifetime paddle boarding experience, Denver in Colorado got your back covered.

The region is endowed with lots of freshwater lakes, valleys, and mountain peaks that provide breathtaking scenarios where you can take your board. It offers various paddle boarding activities as you can spend a day whitewater paddling while enjoying the hot summer sun while you can spend the next day paddling through mountain waters.

Before heading out to paddle board in one of the sites near Denver, keep a few rules in mind to be on a safer side. Check on the high wind as they are known to make paddling a problematic exercise. Besides, follow the rules set by the governing bodies to avoid collisions. Below are the top five stand-up paddle board destinations you need to visit near Denver, Colorado.

Cherry Creek Reservoir

If you live in Denver and intend to stay close to home, Cheery Creek Reservoir offers you a great option. The reservoir is located in Cherry Creek State Park and is considered one of the best paddle board destinations in Denver.

Its close location to Denver city makes it even better as it is only located 30 minutes away from the city. The reservoir’s large water surface of more than 880 acres provides a perfect space where you can practice your stand-up paddling skills.

One of the best things about the reservoir is that you do not have to carry your paddling board to this destination. You can always rent boards from Cherry Creek Marina, located in the park. During summer, the area has all types of watercraft activities, from kayaks and SUPs to boats. There is also a small entrance fee at the park gate, which should be a part of your plans.

Big Soda Lake

Located within the Bear Creek Lake Park, Big Soda Lake is a popular paddling site in Denver. Its short 20-minute drive from the state capital Denver makes it a popular choice for many city dwellers, especially during the summer.
The lake is small and quiet, providing a peaceful environment where you can practice paddling board with your friends and families. Visitors without paddleboards can rent them from Soda Lakes Marina, which is always open to cater to your needs. You can also tour the Red Rocks Park or watch a movie at the Amphitheater grounds near the lake.

On a sunny day, be sure to arrive early at this destination and grab your equipment to avoid disappointments. There are also several picnic shelters where you can enjoy various experiences or spend time with your friends.

Horsetooth Reservoir

Horsetooth Reservoir is one of the most popular water sports in Colorado, located an hour from Denver. The artificial reservoir is 6.5 meters long and 1 mile wide, providing great stand-up paddling board activities. Due to its proximity to the city, be sure to meet all kinds of water-loving people that will make your day.

There is a high level of activity throughout the summer in the reservoir; hence a novice peddler might find it challenging to remain upright and balanced. To avoid harm caused by falling on water, learners can practice a few paddle boarding techniques like getting up on the SUP immediately after falling. Besides, you can also learn paddling during the morning hours when the reservoir is less crowded.

If you have a few days to spend, a kayaking trip down the reservoir would be fantastic. You can also engage in other water sports like powerboating and skiing. There is a small entry charge at the reservoir gates, which should be accounted for earlier enough.

Grand Lake

The lake is surrounded by the great Rocky Mountain Park, Grand Lake Colorado’s deepest lake offers some of the most spectacular stand-up paddle boarding in the Denver region. The lake’s water surface covers more than 500 acres providing some of the best paddling areas.

While visiting the lake, bring your paddle board and enjoy beautiful views and marine life. People that can adequately balance on a SUP can get their fishing lines and cast them into the waters for luck. Those that have not yet bought the boards should have nothing to fear as there is a marina where you can rent your equipment for the day.

The lake is also located close to Grand lake town with prestigious malls where you can enjoy meals and shopping after a busy day in the waters. Always remember to carry a camera to take pictures as it’s an experience you won’t forget.

Dillon Reservoir

Dillon Reservoir is another great stand up paddle boarding spot in Colorado. The reservoir is located in Summit County, a more than one hour’s drive from Denver. It covers a surface of 33000 acres where paddlers can camp and enjoy SUP activities.

To have a close and scenic view of the mountains, paddle around Frisco Bays and Giberson. There is also an adventure park close to the lake where you can enjoy some dry land activities after a tiresome morning paddling in the waters.

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