Glide O2 Angler Paddle Board Review

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The Glide 02 Angler Inflatable Fishing Board is perfect for anyone who likes to travel but has limited storage space. They can conveniently store this board in a backpack, taking it on their next adventure. This ISUP has an extra-wide and flat bottom for stability. Easy to maneuver, it is excellent for fishing, yoga, and paddle boarding.

The inflatable paddle board has comfortable handles on the nose and tail. This allows easy transportation to and from the water. It includes US Style Fin Box, reinforced rails, 4 deck mounts for accessories, and a D-Ring under the nose for towing another stand up paddle board. The large cargo area keeps personal items secured to the deck. The front and rear of the board have bungees for storage, making it perfect for a cooler full of drinks and snacks.

Made with Fusion Technology and Military Grade PVC, this board is stiff as well as durable. Military Grade PVC guarantees an airtight and water-resistant seam. The textured, non-slip deck pad is made with a die-cut EVA. This ensures colors do not fade or wear off.

Glide created an inflatable paddle board that is capable of withstanding all adventures. Through their website Glide offers free shipping and a 30-day return policy.

Customer Reviews

The average customer rating for this stand up paddle board is 5/5 stars.

One customer describes this ISUP as high quality and durable. They considered it perfect for what they were looking for. Customer Service answered all their questions quickly and efficiently.

Another ecstatic customer described this inflatable paddle board as the best they have purchased. They noted this stand up paddleboard is stable, solidly constructed, and came with great paddles. They liked that the board comes with fishing rod holders and a quality bag for storage.

Customers found ISUP great for fishing. The board was stable when reeling in fighting fish. It paddled smooth and got up to speed quickly. They were able to carry a cooler on the back and would recommend this board to anyone.

A few customers found this board too large. It was not agile nor as responsive as they wanted it to be.

Another customer received their order late and was disappointed. However, this was a supply issue in the Fall of 2020 due to COVID.

Sizes, Weight & Measurements.

The stand up paddle board is 11’ long, 36” wide, and 6” high. It weighs 30 lbs. The board has a max inflation pressure of 25 PSI. Glide recommends filling the paddle board to 12-15 PSI for maximum performance. The maximum weight capacity is 500 lbs.

  • Length: 11’
  • Width: 36”
  • Height: 6”
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Weight of the Board: 30 lbs.
  • Max inflation pressure: 25 PSI

Construction & Materials

  • Ultra Durable Fusion Military-Grade PVC board shells, giving boards 1300 denier thickness rating.
  • Comfortable Neoprene handles.
  • High pressure, heat-pressed seams covered with an additional layer of Military-grade PVC create a water-resistant and airtight seal.
  • Ultra Reinforced Dropstich allows boards to be inflated to a max of 25 PSI. 3300 g/per square metre. 144 pcs/per square diameter of thread.
  • High quality inflation valves allow for inflation up to 25 PSI.
  • Die-Cut EVA textured deck pad ensures colors do not wear off or fade.

What is this Board For?

Fishing, Yoga, Paddle board, and Fitness

List and Details of Accessories

  • Deck mounts and extra bungees.
  • Extra D-Rings and bungees for storage.
  • 2 Fishing Rod Holders.
  • Backpack – Fold deflated board into the bag. Rolling wheels on the backpack make for easy travel and storage when not in use.
  • Adjustable Paddle – Fiberglass shaft makes for a light paddle with on-the-fly adjustability. The length of the paddle is 70”-86” and weighs 29 oz. Ultra Tough composite SUP paddle has a powerful 100 square inch reinforced blade.
  • Leash – Created with functionality and safety in mind, this 10′ leash keeps the board close.
  • High Capacity SUP Pump – Dual-action pump used to inflate the board. Gauge is on the pump to correctly fill the board to 12-15 PSI. The recommendation is to begin pumping using the dual pump and switching to downstroke when close to fully inflated.
  • Fin- US-style Fin box is the most common and versatile. Experiment with different longboard fins on the market and customize them based on needs and conditions. Customize for shape, size, and performance.
  • Repair Kit- Includes a valve wrench, glue, and repair patches for emergency small leaks or tears. The valve wrench is only for leaking valves.
  • Kayak Seat- The 15” tall by 24” wide by 11” long seat is quick and easy to attach to the board. This seat has adjustable straps, a pocket on the back, and a comfortable foam padded seat. When not in use, put the seat on the front of the board in the bungee cargo area.
  • Carry Strap – The 75” long carry strap has a wide shoulder pad and quick-release buckles. Attach the strap to the D-Rings and sling the board over the shoulder to comfortably carry the inflated board to the water.
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