Best Places To Paddle Board In Roatan

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Stand-up paddleboarding is exciting and requires no special skills. Roatan Island is one of the best places to SUP. This Beautiful Caribbean Island is surrounded by a large coral reef, clinging closely to most of the shore. It provides calm and clear beaches for paddle boarding, snorkeling, and swimming. In addition, there is plenty of sea life and luxury resorts, hotels, and private homes.

From Half Moon beach to West Bay Beach, there are various things to see and activities to engage in. Accommodation is available in abundance at affordable prices. SUP is great for all ages; some people bring their dogs to lift on the beautiful Roatan waters.

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5 popular Locations to Paddle Board in Roatan

#1 Steve’s Paddle Shack

Steve’s Paddle Shack is located in the West End. They are next to the Sundowner bar and share their space with a dive shop. It is among the first places to introduce stand-up paddleboarding in Roatan and offers boat tours and land tours. In addition, they offer excursions and rentals to remote areas on the Island that you can only access by water.

The place is slightly crowded; it makes Scuba and snorkeling more exciting with more people around. Steve’s Paddle Shack has some of the finest paddleboards in Roatan. Its location is also unique since it is a short distance to the shores.

Steve’s Paddle Shack has the most positive reviews for the Best Roatan SUP Locations. They train first-timers how to paddle and snorkel around the bay. Also, you can expect more extended tours around Roatan into Oakridge and the Mangroves with a boat.

Besides SUP, West End is filled with hotels, bars & restaurants, and gift shops. It makes it easy to enjoy a walk, grab a drink/bite, hop to a bar and interact with people.

#2 Roatan PaddleSports

Roatan PaddleSports is located in West Bay Beach and Half Moon Bay, West End Village. They offer SUP upgrades such as Canoeing and Kayaking; their Cruise Ship Excursions include boards, chairs, and transportation.

Besides having two locations, Roatan PaddleSports is also outstanding in other ways. First, West Bay has clear and calm waters and white sand. It is a perfect Caribbean destination for any tourist. In addition, Cruise Ship Excursion packages allow it to connect you to Half Moon Beach. Paddling from West Bay to Half Moon Bay is a 2 hour trip on the inside of the reef.

You can snorkel on the way and check into a hotel or bar to enhance your experience. There is a variety of marine life, turtles, eagle rays, and different types of fish to look out for along the way. They also accommodate visitors with daily or weekly rentals at their locations.

Half Moon Bay and West Bay are the best SUP locations for beginners. The reef along the West End is ideal for snorkeling. On the other hand, West Bay Beach is the perfect location for relaxing in the sun on the fine white sand.

#3 Meet Roatan

It is located in the West End of Roatan Island. Meet Roatan is an event planning and travel designing company. Its primary goal is to bring people who want to explore and Paddle Board in Roatan. They offer them unique SUP experiences and create awareness to the guests on how to take care of the Island. Meet Roatan designs your entire getaway as you relax.

Meet Roatan are unique because they take time to educate guests about marine life and the Island. Their way of delivering services is outstanding too. They work together to provide their guests with the best experience possible and saving their guests lots of time.

The company is excellent at both land and water tours. They help guests to know the Island better by taking them to noteworthy spots to learn. Also, they take guests to the beach for Stand-up Paddleboarding. Guests are allowed to request special trips like a private fishing trips. With Meet Roatan, you get original experiences in all aspects.

#4 Grand Bleu Diving

Grand Bleu Diving is located in Sandy Bay and is just 5 minutes away from West End. It is well hidden from heavy winds allowing for more exciting activities in the water. Also, it is directly at the front of wreck El Aguila and, therefore, a perfect location for board paddling.

The company offers personalized services in English, Spanish and French. They primarily focus on dive courses and fun dives on many dive sites on Roatan Island. Grand Bleu Diving places brand new habitation to make divers experience complete. In addition, since it is a PADI center, all instructors are certified, so you will not worry about safety.

Sunday Bay is populated with locals. You can quickly learn about their culture and the history of the Island. Besides diving, the location is excellent for snorkeling during the day. The sunsets are nothing short of spectacular from Sandy Bay; afternoon and evening walks are ideal for this location.

#5 Tranquilseas Dive Center

It is conveniently located in Sandy Bay between Coxen Hole and West End. They offer diving services in the waters in their backyard. Tranquilseas Diver Center shares its passion for underwater beauty so that you can have the best diving experience on the Island.

Tranquilseas Dive Center is unique as it offers personalized services and takes people into small intimate groups. The small groups enable them to cater to various needs efficiently. Therefore, it is the best location for families, couples, or a group of friends.

More fun things to expect in this SUP location are the beautiful sunsets and the marine life. Eagle rays, turtles, and Sharks are easily spotted from this side. More importantly, the services are professional and secure.

The above is the best Roatan SUP locations. Roatan Island has everything from beautiful sunsets, snorkeling, diving along the reef, relaxing on the beach, to fishing. Hiring a paddleboard in Roatan is affordable as well as accommodation. If you love exploring and marine life, this Island is the perfect location for you.

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