A Beginner’s Guide to the Different Types of Paddle Boards

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Did you know that stand-up paddle boarding is a sport that originated in Hawaii? Instead of surfing on a traditional board, stand-up paddle boarding consists of using a wider board and a paddle to move across the water. 

Stand-up paddle boarding is a sport that allows you to get outside, get some exercise, reduce stress, and complete other activities, such as fishing or yoga.

Whether you are new to stand-up paddle boarding or just looking for a new paddle board, it is important to know the different types of paddle boards. 

Keep reading to learn all about the different types of stand-up paddle boards!

All-Around Paddle Board

If you are a stand-up paddle boarding beginner, an all-around paddle board could be the best option for you. These boards are thick, wide, and stable even in rough condtions.

It is ideal to use an all-around paddle board for recreational purposes. These paddle boards are not built to go fast, and they are not agile. The main purpose of them is to allow you to have a fun, stable time out on the water. 

Inflatable Paddle Board

Do you want to start stand-up paddle boarding but you don’t have extra space or money to spend? If so, an inflatable paddle board is a great way to start.

When you want to use your stand-up paddle board, you use a pump to blow it up. When you are done using it, you can deflate it and store it until you are ready to use it again. 

These work for people that live in a small space, have a small vehicle, or want to travel with their stand-up paddle board.

They also are cheaper than other types of paddle boards, so they are perfect if you want to paddle board on a budget

Just because these paddle boards are inflatable does not mean that they are not high quality. Stand-up paddle boards are made from a strong material that holds up well. 

The worst part about inflatable stand-up paddle boards is that they are harder to balance and control than regular boards. 

Flat Water Paddle Board

Did you know that there are paddle boards designed for use in flat water? These paddle boards are skinnier and longer than an all-around paddle board. 

They work well for paddling long distances in flat water, such as lakes or slow-moving rivers. If you want to go on an overnight paddle boarding trip, these paddle boards work great because they are stable with large amounts of gear on them. 

Some flat water paddle boards even have a built-in storage area. This is perfect for storing your phone, keys, or lunch. 

Yoga Paddle Board

Are you someone that enjoys doing yoga? If so, you will be happy to know that they make stand-up paddle boards specifically for yoga. Doing yoga on a stand-up paddle board allows you to spend time in nature while completing your favorite activity. 

One of the main benefits of yoga is that it improves your balance and your core strength. Doing yoga on a stand-up paddle board is even better because it is harder to balance. 

The perfect stand-up paddle board for yoga is wide and long. You want to make sure that you have plenty of room to do your yoga poses.

It also helps to choose a board that has a good grip. The last thing you want is your feet to slide around while you are trying to do yoga. 

Fishing Paddle Board

Have you ever had a difficult time getting your fishing kayak or boat in the right spot? You won’t have to worry about that issue if you invest in a fishing paddle board. 

Fishing paddle boards are easy to maneuver. They are often larger than all-around paddle boards so that they can carry all of the supplies you need while fishing. Most of them have storage compartments to store your gear. 

Fishing paddle boards are super stable so that you can reel in the big fish! The only downside to them compared to regular paddle boards are that they are slow-moving due to their size. 

Touring Paddle Board

Touring paddle boards were designed for going on long journeys or for racing. These boards tend to be long and narrow so that they can move as fast as possible.

They work well in both the ocean and in smooth water. Touring paddle boards have steep noses that allow them to cut through the water. 

Because they are long and narrow, they are less stable than all-around paddle boards. They are not ideal for beginners because they are difficult to balance. They also require extra effort to maneuver them how you want to. 

Beginners should avoid touring and racing paddle boards because they can cause them to have bad posture. Beginners should get the basics down before moving to this type of board.

Surf Paddle Board

Another one of the most common types of stand-up paddle boards is a surf paddle board. If you love surfing and paddle boarding, this could be the best type of board for you. 

Surf stand-up paddle boards are shorter, thinner, and easier to maneuver than most other types of paddle boards. This is because surfing requires sudden movements. 

Surf paddle boards come in a variety of different lengths. If you are a beginner, you should choose a longer surf paddle board because they are easier to balance on.

If you already know how to use a surf paddle board, choose one that is shorter so that you have more control. 

Which Types of Paddle Boards Are Best For You?

Stand-up paddle boarding is a fantastic way to get outside and get some exercise. Whether you prefer yoga or fishing, there is a perfect paddle board for you. Be sure to consider size, grip, and storage before purchasing a stand-up paddle board. 

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