Best 11 Foot Cruiser Inflatable Paddle Boards

Are you looking for a great 11 foot long inflatable paddle board and need help picking the right one? You’ve come to the right place.

Pros & Cons Of 11 Foot All Around SUPs

The Good Features

It’s important to remember that every paddle board is different – so when we describe the benefits of an 11″ All-Around SUP it’s about this style of boards in general. There will always be exceptions to the rule.

Additionally, the “pros” of an 11 foot board are almost always a relative balance when compared to other sizes of boards so it’s important to take our comparison points into consideration.

  • Boards in the 11 foot range are usually going to offer more volume and thus flotation than a shorter board in the 10 foot range. This means that compared to a 10′ board, an 11′ board will be able to carry more weight. Think dog, extra cooler maybe even a friend?
  • How much extra can an eleven foot board carry? This is really going to depend on the boards, but usually around 50 LBS to 100 LBS more for an extra foot of board length. In reality, this will depend on board widths and shapes, but will give you a good guideline to start. We highly recommend looking at the exact specs for the boards you are comparing. For example, the FunWater 11′ Tiki has a capacity of 330 LBS, while the FunWater 10’6″ paddle board is rated for 300 LBS.